Monday, July 1, 2013

Timmy's 20% diet - on track!


Timmy's diet is on track!

It was only the first day that he kept asking for more food. On the following day until now, he seems quite satisfied just eating whatever he has been given. But of course he tries to steal food from the rest (that's already a habit) so careful monitoring is needed to ensure that no stealing and snatching happens.


Am I any thinner yet?

I don't expect to see any results until after 1 1/2 months, Timmy.
But you've been a good boy, eating less than before. Keep it up!

I have also reduced everyone's food, actually. I remember the vet always reminding me that underfeeding is better than overfeeding. So, eating a little less is okay. Hara Hachi Bu - the Okinawan eating principle that says "eat only until you are 80% full". The Okinawans are the longest living people in the world so that about says it all. Humans, please take heed too!


Daffodil can do with a little weight loss too.

Hers, I think, is the middle age midriff spread.


At the pantry, we are observing a 10% cut as well, and everyone seems to be taking it very well.

No complaints too.

Actually, only Bunny, Cow and Tiger need to go on a diet. The rest are all okay. Cleo and Pole are in perfect shape. Why, they eat so little. Sometimes, they even skip a meal. Fasting, I hear, is good for everyone.


That's right, Timmy.

No more. You've had enough.


Of course exercise is good too.

But Tiger, you're supposed to get up and play, not sit down.

mini-CIMG6797 mini-CIMG6798



Chen said...

Love, love that picture of Timmy looking longingly at his empty bowl. So funny!

Maneki Neko said...

Good work, KY, raising this issue! I know so many people who look at their morbidly obese cats and marvel at how adorable and cuddly they are. That may be true, but the health risks are real. One book I read said the test is whether you can look down on your cat from above (when the cat is standing) and see an indentation between the tummy and the hips. If you can't, it's time for a diet.

chankahyein said...

Hi Maneki, Thanks! Yes, my vet also told me to observe the "shape at the waist", ie. the indentation.

Joy E. Saga said...

Oh dear! Then some of mine needs to go on a diet too... most of them actually! Yikes!

Chen said...

Phew! Thanks for this tip. I can see the indentation on my cats and I was worried that they are too thin. Now I know that they are not. Phew.

melle said...

Hi Kah Yen. Your cats seem to enjoy the sting toy. COuld you please let me know where to get it? Thanks.

chankahyein said...

A friend gave it to my cats, so I don't know where he bought it from! I cannot find it in shops too. Maybe you can make one on your own?

Joy E. Saga said...

Yes, my cats love those. I actually made one myself. Not as long. It's their favourite toy.

I had a blouse that had a tie string at the end of my sleeves which annoyed me greatly as each time i got it tied, it comes loose in no time. So i removed the string entirely (so now sleeve is stringless) and tied it to the end of a stick. I got a toy!