Saturday, July 20, 2013

Igor and Otto's adventure in Bunny's Place

Was it death-defying?

Actually, quite so.

It started with loud banging on the roof. That's usually Mr G and one of his friends, trying to come over to Bunny's Place from their roof.


But this time, it wasn't just a cat on the roof, it was probably (I'm guessing) a cat on the roof attracted to a shrew in the garden.

Again, I'm guessing that this is Igor. He's always the first to do anything. He leads the way.


Oh, it's Bushy Calico. She's from Mr G's house.


Indy has declared war.


Otto was here too (can you spot him?).


Bushy wants to come down to Bunny's Place.

Er...NOT a good idea, Bushy. You won't know what hit you.


Igor is still here. Otto is already in the patio.

Where is Dmitri? I think he's the lazy one. Or, should we say, the smart one?

mini-CIMG7735 mini-CIMG7736

Indy is letting out a war-cry now...

mini-CIMG7737 mini-CIMG7739

Not my style...


We just want a snack, if that's okay.



So, Indy is indeed incensed today.

He bit me just now, and I could see it was done out of sheer exasperation. I mean, we can't blame him, really. With so many intruders, an alpha like Indy just has to file a complaint, right?

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