Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mac's very resilient

I collected Mac at about 7pm this evening when the vet called.  The vet had managed to remove FIVE of Mac's rotting teeth, and it seems he did not put up a fight at all.  And that's without anaestesia. 

That's one tough guy we're talking about here...he can really withstand pain. 

But these are all rotten teeth, so they were also loose already. 

Many years ago, I had brought Mac to a vet to have him checked and was told he was too old to go under anaestesia for tooth scaling, and I would just have to let it be. 

Now, the vet here tells me I should get Bobby's teeth (he is also thirteen years old) checked as well and see what preventive measures can be taken. 

After receiving all the intructions from the vet, I brought Mac home. 

The good news is (yes, it's moment-to-moment living now) Mac ate when we hand-fed him! 

As long as Mac eats, that's good enough. 

We had a hard time giving him his medicines after all - he put up a fight!

He also needs an eye drop and ointment every 2-3 hours.  The vet says the ruptured cornea will not improve because innoculation is the only solution.  So, it is good enough if it remains as it is without getting any worse. 

Tiger's home treatment...with some "help"?

Remember Tiger has a wound on his left fore leg?  Well, besides the medicines, I have to give him a dry hot compress three times a day.

Today has been a crazily busy day for me, with our Bentong trip and Mac's treatment at the vet's, so I've just managed to do the second hot compress for the day, for Tiger.

And, in my haste, I had accidentally burnt a hole in the ready-made compress - didn't put enough water into the pot of boiling water. 

So, I had to make do with just a plastic bag of water boiled in hot water, then wrapped in a hand towel. 

Here's Tiger feeling quite comfortable with my makeshift dry hot compress.

I'm burning the midnight oil - still marking my final papers...sobs.

Someone else is also interested in the hot compress...

Up she comes, from the back, and I hear Tiger whimpering...

Suki does it again! 

Mac's aging condition

Just as we were about to leave LLLP, I received a phonecall from my daughter, Ming-Yi. 

Ming-Yi had taken Mac to the vet's and we had to make some decisions for Mac.

Apparently, Mac has many, many old-age related problems now.  As with us humans, we too will face many degenerative problems when our time is almost up. 

Mac has joints, heart, liver, spine, tooth and an eye problem.  What we thought was just old-age mucus was actually a ruptured cornea which is infected with pus now.  I had noticed some mucus when I admitted him at the hospital earlier on, but I guess no one suspected it was a ruptured cornea.  Even today, the vet thought it was just old-age mucus until closer examination revealed it was a ruptured cornea.  The treatment for this is innoculation, but Mac would not be able to take the anaesthesia.  He might not wake up from it.   

Mac also has a rotting tooth that needs to be extracted, but this requires anaesthesia as well.  However, seeing how calm Mac is, the vet said he is already in so much pain, perhaps we could try extracting the tooth (which is already loose) without using an anaestetic.  I think Mac can withstand the pain as he is an extremely tough dog. 

To cut a long story short, the vet told us that Mac is dying, and we have three options:

1.  The one I would not choose.

2.  Relieve him with painkillers and antibiotics so that he feels more comfortable, but these drugs might shorten his life because they will tax on his liver and kidneys.

3.  Let him be, and let him live out his natural life, but he will be in pain.

I have decided to choose Option 2 so that Mac's remaining days can be lived out with less pain and suffering.  Quality vs quantity.  


I just got a call from the vet to say the tooth has been extracted now, and Mac is ok. 

Tough boy!

Mac stopped eating last night, and this is not a good sign.  The vet thinks it could be due to all the pain he is having.  Hopefully the extraction of the tooth will relieve some of his pain and he will eat again.  Otherwise, he has already lost 20% of his weight since last week, and he would be starving to death.  He refused his dinner last night and his breakfast this morning, but I gave him liquid spirulina and glucose. 

If he still does not eat, the next thing to go would have to be his infected eye.  This would required anaestesia.   

I will cross that bridge when I come to it.


Please spare a kind thought for Mac.

May he be free from pain and suffering. 

The eye became like this last night - it's a ruptured cornea.

P.S.  Tiger is still limping, and I have to nurse him as well.  At times like these, maintaining your composure and having the ability and willingness to accept life as it comes become paramount in facing all such challenges.  We can only do our best in such situations, and as long as whatever we do or decide is done so with compassion, it would be good enough already.   

Friday, October 30, 2009

A German Shepherd, an old friend, and more Tiger tales

After Rahnee's case, a large German Shepherd came through the doors of the clinic, with owner in tow, and what do you was my former schoolmate of 30 years ago, Angeline Devindran!!

Angeline brought one of her four dogs, Ozzie (sorry if the spelling is wrong) for a check-up because he has been panting quite a bit. 

And what was supposed to be a 15 min check-up turned out to be almost two hours!  And I was waiting outside with Tiger, and WITHOUT my exam papers to mark!! 

Angeline decided to do a full medical check-up for Ozzie and this included getting Ozzie to run around the neighbourhood (yes, with Angeline, her friend and the vet!) because they wanted to see his reaction after the run and also collect his urine. 

Then, they had to take his blood, and Ozzie was a total baby at that.  Angeline had to leave the clinic so that the two vets and their assistant could take the blood without Ozzie putting up a fuss.  You know how small children put up a fuss and tantrum when the mum is around?  Ozzie's that kind of baby! 

Then, chest x-rays for Ozzie and I could hear Angeline giving commands to Ozzie from inside the xray room.

Now, that's really a complete medical check-up - something we pet-lovers do for our pets and any stray animal, but would never do for ourselves!!  We spend on the animals without giving it a second thought, but become a total scrooge when it comes to ourselves. 

Then, it was Tiger's turn. 

Now, Tiger's case has turned rather mysterious and the vet was getting worried.  He was supposed to have "shifting lameness" due to the Calicivirus but ever since the lameness shifted to the left front paw, it had kind of stayed there.  That's not a good sign.  

So the vet checked, and aha! - we found the culprit!  What a relief of sorts!  Tiger has a wound on this left front paw.  It is just a small wound, but that must be causing the lameness.  

So, the treatment now is to apply a dry hot compress three times a day, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and more immune boosters.  

Three days, and it should be cured...unless more mysterious things happen...

A pre-dawn attempted coup-de-tat

So early?

Yes, the best time to strike is dawn...

As you know, Tiger is still limping due to the Calicivirus infection.  It causes "shifting lameness" where the lameness shifts from one leg to the other.  It started with the left hind, moved to the right hind, and now, it's been on the left fore leg for a few days.  

When Tiger is sick, he sleeps on my bed, so last night, when I went to bed, Tiger was already comfortably tugged in.  And he had occupied my space on the bed (you get centre spot if you are sick - that's the feline house rules, so I've noticed), so I had to sleep very close to the edge all night!   

This morning, I carried Tiger down to the kitchen for breakfast and prepared a nice spot for him in my room to rest for the morning.  I was planning to bring Tiger for another check-up at Healing Rooms so I had to make sure he doesn't go to his second home (my neighbour's). 

I had placed this yellow towel beside Tiger's baby basket, but he did not want it.  Looks like he prefers his security basket still. 

But wait a minute...whose tail is that????

Oh no.....

Yes, it's none other than our...mischievous coup-de-tat-er, Suki!

Looks like she is attempting another take-over!! 

She approaches stealthily, and starts by irritating Tiger.

Tiger hisses and growls (gosh, he has never hissed all his life until lately, and it is only at Suki).

I tried to stop the naughty-one but I wasn't fast enough.  A scuffle ensues, and this time, Tiger decides to pounce on her.

I managed to separate them, but Tiger is angry, and whimpers. 

Tiger wants to leave the room, and I have to pacify him. 

I carry him back to his baby basket and sits with him for five minutes, to calm his nerves. 

The naughty-one is not one who gives up easily.  She makes another attempt - from higher ground...

Tiger is watching...

I stop the naughty-one from her high-ground attempt, and she pretends to be uninterested now.  She goes to the litter-boxes and pretends to play.  Tiger is still watching. 

Bobby, wake up!  Your help may be needed for a successful intervention.

Tiger thinks it's safe, so he goes back to his baby basket.

No, it isn't!  The naughty-one makes a sudden beeline for the basket again.  I am on the alert this time.  I scoop her up, and throw her into the slammer!  It's the jail for you, you naughty-one!

She protests!

And she makes an attempt from inside the jail.  Luckily I had covered her view with a towel (since the last coup-de-tat attempt).

Still, Tiger is irritated and wants to leave the room.  I have to sit with him and pacify him again.

Bunny decides he must intervene now.  What nonsense is this?  We seniors do NOT get bullied by small-fries.

So, Bunny comes and stands guard.  No nonsense from you, you jail-bird.  You keep to your side of the towel and stay there!

And all is quiet on the western front...for now.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The plot thickens...

Ever since Cleo escaped from outside the vet's clinic, I've developed a phobia of bringing my own pets to the clinic.  But what has to be done, just has to be done, so I bucked up courage and brought Tiger to Healing Rooms today. 

Tiger's limping is worrying me because since yesterday, he started limping on the fore leg.  Can a limp spread to another leg? 

But Tiger is relatively very much easier to manage than Cleo, so I managed to persuade (read: push) him to get into the carrier and off we went to the clinic amidst some distress calls in the car.  Healing Rooms is only a stone's throw from my house, so I wouldn't be so stressed out listening to Tiger's distress calls!

Here's Tiger inside the carrier waiting for his turn. 

The vet examined Tiger and gave me a totally different diagnosis.  He suspects it is a viral infection caused by the Calicivirus, and this causes "shifting lameness". 

Spot on!  That would explain why the lameness has shifted from the left hind leg to the left fore leg now, and in fact, the vet saw the the right hind leg is affected as well. 

And since it is viral, there isn't much to do except to let the body's own immunity fight it off, but for MY peace of mind, I could give Tiger some immune booster. 

Then, I alerted the vet to the stubborn sore behind Tiger's ear (which Bobby often licks).  I had myself ruled out the dreadful sporotrichosis because it seems to heal and then recur, and this has been going on for months. 

But we weren't going to take chances, so I asked the vet to examine a smear under the microscope, just for MY peace of mind. 

As I waited with bated breath, the vet came back and said it wasn't sporo. 


So what is it then? could be many things, we'd just have to observe and see.  Meanwhile, he wasn't in favour of the Neomycin cream that I had got from the hospital because these creams can have an effect on the kidneys, so he advised me to use iodine instead, just as an antiseptic. 

What I like about this vet is that he would minimise the use of medication as far as possible.  He prefers the natural healing process to take place if the wound or ailment is not life-threatening.

Then, I told the vet all about Cleo's great escape last week, and I proceeded to show him photographs of Cleo's skin problem.

Here's another photo I managed to take today, of the other side of her body:

You see, it's just balding, that's all.  It doesn't look like a serious condition.

The vet says it appears to be flea dermatitis, and his advice is to "just leave it alone".  The treatment for this condition is highly toxic, and he prefers not to administer it.  Otherwise, the medication itself might lead to kidney problems later, which would be life-threatening.

So, that's that....and I brought Tiger home amidst his usual distress calls in the car.

P.S.  While waiting for the vet, I had another case to attend on.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tiger...lost, and found!

Not only is Mac the patient in the house, but you might remember also that Tiger has a limp (and actually needs to be caged for complete rest) and Cleo has that persistent skin problem. 

So, after having attended to Mac, I had to look for Tiger.  He is usually in the neighbour's house (his second home), but the neighbour was out all day.  I went down my back alley and the street in front several times since 3pm but Tiger was no where to be found.  This morning I heard a catfight in the back alley and found Bushy (the neighbourhood bully-cat) terrorising Tiger in the drain.  When I approached, Bushy ran away (as all bullies would) so I had brought Tiger back.  Tiger is the most mild-mannered cat I've EVER seen in my entire life.  Looks like the name "Tiger" was not effective in making him any more cat-like, let alone tiger-like!

So Tiger was no where to be found and I rang the panic button by 6.30pm.  My husband came back, and the neighbour came back home, and finally, we located Tiger.  He had been happily sleeping in the neighbour's house all day!

He's not happy being caged...poor thing.  I hope he gets well soon because I really would rather not have him caged. 

Next story...Cleo's (co-starring Indy and Suki!).

Mac is home, and another coup-de-tat...?

I went down to the hospital today, after visiting JT.  Mac was due to the discharged. 

When I reached the hospital, Mac was sleeping in the cage.  I spoke to the vets and one of them told me she knows why Mac's voice is hoarse (yesterday, I told her Mac's voice was very hoarse).  It seems yesterday, the moment I left the hospital, which was about 1.30pm, Mac barked NON-STOP at regular intervals until 7pm. 

Hmm...well, that's Mac.  It may seem surprising to other people, but not to us.  Mac has been doing that all his life.  My mum used to be amazed at his "lung power". 

He does that at home all the time, especially when the neighbour talks (talk = shout, because that's her normal manner of speaking).  Mac's constant barking at the neighbour ever since they moved in has cost us TWO potential summonses from the authorities because the neighbour complained against Mac. 

After the first visit/warning from the officer, we spent RM4000 erecting a wall at the back of our house so that Mac cannot see the neighbour, but he could still hear her voice, so that did not help at all.  In the next visit/warning, we had to ask the officer to come to the back of the house to listen to the neighbour's shouting.  It was then that the officer said to us, "Why don't YOU all put in a complaint against HER?  She is also disturbing your peace."  Well, yes, she is.  But tit-for-tat doesn't work.  So, we'd rather not. 

Just this morning, while I was at the hospital to collect Mac, my daughter said the neighbour's husband and young son were hurling obscenities at Bobby because Bobby was barking.  They were shouting at the top of their voice. 

So, what do you do when you have such unruly creatures as your neighbours?  Well, I suppose you just tolerate and use them as "teachers" of patience and clear reminders NEVER to be like them. 

I've actually recently told them off once before when their child was very rude, but with such people, you're just wasting your time.

So, back to Mac's are some photos below.  I was told Mac needs to be caged (in the smallest possible cage to prevent him from moving) for about a week since he still has to rest his body.  So we set up our smallest cage... 

And the first visitor is none other than......yes, Suki!  (who else?)

It looks like she is planning another coup-de-tat??'ve got a bigger cage, ok?

Yes, she IS planning a coup-de-tat, but she isn't going to get her way this round.

No way, Jose.

Indy and Cow decide to play bodyguard.  In the cat colony of my house, Cow has declared that black-and-white cats get special privileges (for eg, they get to sleep on the bed).  Well, Cow is the alpha, so he makes the rules in the house.  We humans have no say whatsoever. 

And this reminds me of Michael Jackson's "Black or White" song:

I Said If You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother

It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White
Or brown?  

Mac all tired out.  We let him out to do his business earlier. 

The attempted coup-de-tat failed, so our friend settled for the bookcase instead...for now. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mac's coming home tomorrow!

Hi everyone.  Mac's blood test results show an overall improvement on his urea and liver enzyme readings.  So, he will come home tomorrow, after two more doses of the steroid jabs. 

Terry came along to visit Mac and take a look at the hospital.  When we saw him today, he was barking and complaining non-stop - that's Mac, back in action again!  The vets say he is "very well-behaved" with them, and hardly makes any noise, but the moment I started walking up the stairs to where he was boarded, I could already hear him barking. 

And when I closed his cage door to go home, he banged the e-collar on the door as a sign of protest.  Yup, that's Mac alright! 

The vet says he can go home tomorrow morning.  He'll be put on supplements for his degenerative illnesses, and perhaps, a repeat blood test after a week to check on his liver readings, just to be sure. 

Thank you, everyone, for your kind prayers and positive thoughts for Mac!  It has certainly helped a great deal. 

P.S.  I took some photos but they are all blur.  Just shows how much he is moving around today! 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coup de tat (part 3)

Tiger was given his name because of his stripes and a little orange patch on his nose.  But, he turned out to be our tamest cat (read Pawprints on My Heart - Tiger Tales, about how he tried to make friends with the neighbourhood dogs and got a fright of his life).

So, as you all know, Tiger is limping now due to some injury on his left hind leg (whose cause is yet to be identified accurately), and the vet says I should confine him to a room and not let him jump (jumping uses the hind legs).

So I got him a comfortable basket which is slightly bigger than his baby basket (he still stuffs himself into his baby basket for security).

Now, Tiger agreed to sleep in the new basket...until...guess who comes along?

Who else, yah?

Why, it's Suki, the terror, of course!  She came, and woke Tiger up by scratching him through a hole on the underside of the basket.  Tiger hissed...yes, for the first time in his life, he hissed and I don't blame him.  He is sick and he needs rest, and our little terror must come and disturb him.  Who wouldn't hiss?

Before you know it, Suki had driven Tiger out of the basket (by irritating him enough) and she was already IN the basket.

Tiger seeks solace from good friend and protector, Bobby...

And here's when human intervention is necessary, so I caught the naughty-one and put her in the cage.  Note: Bunny is sleeping beside the cage, too.

Our friend prostested in the strongest terms, scratching at the bars of the cage and meowing at the top of her voice.

I carried Tiger back into the basket, but he didn't want it anymore.

I even put a towel to separate the basket from the cage lest Suki disturbs him from inside her cage, which she attempted to do, anyway. 

And Tiger finally decided he would be safer under my chair.

Tiger is quite contented sleeping under my chair now...

Let me out, let me out!!

Since nobody wants this comfy basket, I'll take it....

My baby basket is STILL the best....

For previous coup de tat missions by the same culprit, please click on these links:

Tiger visits Mac in hospital!

Mac looks much better today.  He seems to be back to his old self this morning, barking non-stop.  When I reached the hospital, I saw the tubings all entangled and twisted so badly that I doubt the fluids could even flow through.  Well, that's typical of Mac - that's the way he is, so it was rather a....good sign!

If Mac sits quietly, something is terribly wrong and you would worry!

Here's Mac.  He was moving so much I couldn't even take a good photo of him.  Had to use the flash, hence, the red eye effect.  He is still wearing the e-collar (the white plastic around him).

The plan for Mac now is to repeat the blood test to make a comparison with the first test done at the clinic.  To put it in a nutshell, the prognosis now, based on the xrays is it's all degenerative illnesses.  But the blood test results would reveal more this evening or tomorrow. 

Mac would have to be boarded for at least three days to enable more efficient monitoring of his condition. 

I brought Tiger too, to get a second opinion on his limping.  Tiger was ok in the carrier and the car though he did complain a bit, but nothing like Cleo!! 

The vet could not actually find out what caused Tiger's limping, but she has increased the dosage of the painkillers cum anti-flammatory.  If he does not improve after 3 days, I would need to bring him in for an xray. 

The vet and I tried to make Tiger walk in the clinic so that she could observe his gait, but Tiger was contented just sitting where we had left him!  We put him on different spots and walked away thinking he might follow us, but he just sat!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mac in hospital

Mac was doing much better this morning after the few hours' drip.  His blood tests results show an elevated urea level and slightly high readings for the liver.  But his creatinine was normal, so that's a relief (it's not the kidneys).   

This evening, when I picked him up after work, he looked a little down again.  Not wanting to take chances, the vet also agreed that I should send him to the pet hospital (which has better facilities) to do a more thorough check-up.

So, off we went to PJ, battling the notorious federal highway jam.  

At the hospital, an x-ray was taken and it showed an injury on the spinal chord.  Being a thirteen year-old dog, it's hard to tell if this is due to aging or an injury (he could have fallen down the stairs, etc.).  The x-ray also showed some calsification in the liver. 

The vet suggested that we board him for a night, put him on drips again, and repeat the blood test so that there is a basis for comparison.  Meanwhile, he is on steroids and antibiotics.  

Here's Mac

He needs the collar, in case he bites the tubings.  Mac ate wet food when the helper fed him by hand. 

Get well soon, Mac. 

And while waiting at the clinic, guess what I saw...(next posting, please...)


Naughty Suki!

This morning, when I let Suki out of her cage, she made a bee-line for the window and ran out under the gate. 

Luckily it was 5am and there was no vehicle on the road.

But she also had the good sense to explore just outside the gate and not go onto the road. 

Then, to avoid "capture", she went under my car (which was parked just outside my gate).

Indy followed her closely, and Cow and Bobby came to the rescue too.  Cleo was also seen walking towards the "scene".  Bunny was there as well.  All the senior cats coming to the rescue!

We must have cut a pretty comical sight this morning.  One tiny kitten under my car, dodging me so skilfully, Indy up on the roof of my car, Cow and Bunny on both sides trying to corner her, and Cleo coming from a distance with Bobby looking helpless.

We finally (yes, "we", not just me alone!) caught the naughty-one and brought her back into the house.  

Then, she bee-lined to the window upstairs and tried to run onto the roof of the patio.

I guess cats will always be cats, especially females.  They just love to explore and to roam.  It's instinctive.  

And though it IS "safer" for them to be caged, but I need to give them a measure of freedom to....BE a cat.   

The naughty-one is done roaming the full measure of the house for now (after 3 hours!), and is quite happily settled down for a snooze in her favourite litter box. 

Watcha lookin' at?

P.S.  This morning, I Spot-On Frontlined everyone and guess who made the most fuss?  Yes, the smallest one....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mac looks a bit better

When I reached the clinic, I heard the familiar non-stop barking, typical Mac-style.  Dr Koh said to me, "Look, he's barking already"

Now, that's good. 

This morning, Mac could not even move a limb. 

Mac was in a metal cage, and he was probably complaining because it was cold.  He is put on drips, and I guess the rehydration helped him feel much better. 

So I placed newspapers and a towel in for him and he was happier.

Mac looked much, much better than this morning. 

We are now still awaiting his blood test results to decipher just what is wrong with him.

Mac is thirteen years old. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

And through it all....

While Cleo was lost this evening, the one keeping vigil for Cleo was none other than good old Indy Jones.

When I came home this evening twice, without Cleo, Indy was sitting on the pillar of my house, watching out for Cleo.  I knew why he was there.  I just knew.  He looked at me with his soulful eyes, and I could see he was sad and worried. 

I told him we would do our very best to look for Cleo. 

And when we finally brought Cleo home, Indy was still sitting on the pillar. 

Here's our ever-so-caring Indy Jones the living room, on the top of the bookshelf. 

The heart-of-gold

Perhaps it isn't so surprising that Indy has a heart of gold.  Indy was brought up and trained by Vixey!


A picture paints a THOUSAND words....We found Cleo!!!

YES!!  We found her!!

My husband and Cleo, back home.

Don't you EVER run away again, please...

NO MORE bringing Cleo to any vet.  NO MORE!!  I'll pay for housecalls!!  I swear I'll never take her in the car anywhere again unless it's a matter of life and death!

The Story:

I drove back at about 8pm to look for Cleo again.  Parked my car at the same place and went around the neighbourhood calling for her.  There was no sign of her.  After a few minutes, I saw Terry. 

Terry had come, after work, to help me look for Cleo.  We walked through the roads and alleys, and Terry said he felt she was just around there somewhere, and could not have gone too far. 

I asked Terry if he knew of any psychic.  I will pay, whatever it takes, to locate Cleo and bring her home safely. 

After perhaps half an hour, my husband called me.  He could only manage to say very quickly, "She's here, she's here near your car."  And I heard him calling Cleo in the background. 

I couldn't believe my ears!!  He has found Cleo???


I called out to Terry to say Cleo has been found near my car and we ran back towards that direction. 

When I reached my car, Cleo wasn't there and neither was my husband. 

We scourged the area again, and before long, I heard my husband calling Cleo and behold.....there he was, carrying Cleo from a distance, walking towards my car!!!

It's Cleo!! 

I ran towards her, but didn't dare approach too close for fear of stressing her again.  Then, I quickly ran to get the carrier from my car. 

The three of us managed to forcibly "stuff" Cleo into the carrier this time, and lock it shut.  And I told my husband to hold the door.  I don't trust locks, no way!  Hold the door shut!

We thanked Terry profusely....Thank you so, so much, Terry.  You're really all heart.

And we had to get Cleo home as fast as we could because she simply hates being inside the carrier, and was already letting out her distress call. 

So I drove home and....Cleo's home now!!!


Thank you, everyone, for your text messages and offers of help. 

Thank you, Terry, for helping us when we needed it most. 


More photos coming up soon...and the full story...

Here's my husband's story:

He had walked over to SS17 from our house.  And he was calling out Cleo's name near my car when he heard a familiar meow...

It was Cleo's meow alright.  So he kept calling to wait for her to come out. 

I knew if anyone could find Cleo, it would be my husband because he is the closest person to Cleo.  Cleo has sort of "adopted" him as her pet, and she wakes him up every morning. 

Before long, Cleo actually come out mewing.  And guess where she was?  She was barely 15 metres from my car!  I think she must have been there ALL the while, just hiding.  Probably in fear.  Just hiding there for 3 whole hours while I was frantically searching like a mad woman!!  

So, Cleo came walking out, but suddenly, two cats fought nearby, and the noise made Cleo run off again, towards a house.

So my husband went to the front of the house to call her name again.

He waited for awhile, and she came out towards him.

That's how he found Cleo.  Or rather, should I say, Cleo found him!

All's well that ends well. 

To me, it's a miracle.  A total miracle!! 

I am so thankful.  I want to thank the stars, the moon, the sun (I'm just being silly here) and everyone who has helped in some way in this time of need. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

More photos...

We first locked Cleo in my room, just to let her get settled.  She wasn't too happy about it. 

Then, we brought Pole (her mother) back from the road outside.  Pole likes to live on the road because she is not comfortable with too many cats in the house.  The funny thing is that Pole rejects Cleo, but Cleo still adores her mummy.  Each time Pole comes back to eat, Cleo would follow closely and eat with her. 

Cleo eating with mum, Pole.  Cleo was so hungry!!

Cleo, lounging in the living room, after dinner.

I almost cannot believe we actually found her, but we did.  Pinch me, Cleo!!

P.S.  I'll get the vet to make a housecall tomorrow to see to Cleo's skin problem and also to attend to Tiger.  He seems unwell too.

Cleo ran away - I need help, please

This is Cleo.  I took Cleo to Healing Rooms, SS17, Subang Jaya this evening because she has a stubborn skin problem (bald patches on her skin). 

Earlier on, Cleo had simply refused to get into the carrier, and she ran off (from my house).  Cleo is street-wise.

When I finally caught her again (after she came home), I put her in the car, and I put the carrier in as well, and drove to the vet's.  She was very stressed in the car and let out a distress call.

When I reached the vet's, I decided to carry her down since the carrier seemed to stress her so much.  As I was walking toward the clinic, there was a group of people sitting in the five-foot way, Cleo got scared, kicked me and ran off.

I searched high and low for her.  Some of the people helped me as well.  It was about five o'clock then.  I went down the drains and scourged every road nearby. 

It is now 7 o'clock.  I have been looking for 2 hours now.  My husband joined me to search for her.

We have not sighted her at all.

If you can help me in any way at all, whether by physically helping me, or in terms of advice or knowledge of cat behaviour, please help me.

Cleo is not familiar with this surroundings at all.  In order to get home, she would have to cross the busy Jalan Tujuan to get from SS17 to SS19, and that is almost an impossibility.  The vet who helped me look for her said she would probably be too afraid to cross that busy road.  

I am very sure she is still somewhere near Healing Rooms now.  She could not have gone very far.  

If you can help me in any way, please...I need help.

Cleo is street-wise.  She is not very people-friendly and tends to be afraid of people.  She prefers to be alone most of the time. 

She has a large bald patch on the right side of her body and two small bald patches on the left. 

I am going back tonight to look for her again. 

Thank you.

Please pray that I will find Cleo.  And please pray that she is safe, wherever she is.  My only consolation is that Cleo is very streetwise.  But I don't think she can possibly cross the busy road to get back home. 

Please help me forward this link to friends living in the SS17 area.  Thanks. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yen Ling visits Suki!

Hello everyone.  If you remember, Yen Ling was the one who rescued little Suki from the drain...three times too!  And that was in August.  Suki had just opened her eyes then.   

Suki's baby photo when first rescued
THE photo that captured many-a-hearts!

To cut a long story short, Suki was brought to me, and the rest is history.

When Yen Ling brought Suki to me - Vixey came out to say "hi" too.

Suki saying hello to Bobby on her first day

Suki became surrogate daughter to Joanie, a mother-cat who had lost all her babies in a tragic case of obstructed labour).

Today, Yen Ling and her husband came to visit, and oh's the reunion picture....

Hello Suki, hello, do you remember me? 

I'm sure Suki does...lick, lick, lick...

Yen Ling brought Suki a purple ribbon to play with. 

Yen Ling's husband saying hello to Cow Mau, the alpha cat of the family.

While Yen Ling was here, Suki played non-stop (that's what she does every day, anyway).  Yen Ling says even from Day One, she had always been like that. 

After Yen Ling left and the excitement had died down, our little one was quite tired...