Saturday, July 20, 2013

Change of plans for Willy

I ordered Monge Chicken for Willy thinking that it would be a good food for him after so many days of ID...



And he could tolerate it too. No diarrhoea.


A whole box for Willy.


Monge is a cruelty-free food. It is not tested on animals.


Of course everyone wanted some too.


But luckily I stopped by the vet's and asked for advice. The vet said as long as there is still some "pastiness" in the stools, Willy should still be on ID and the vet also prescribed another two days of Clavomox (a total of 7 days) to help clear the infection more completely. So it looks like Willy cannot be released yet tomorrow. Another two more days...

I asked if it would be good to let Willy go on ID for a longer period since he had had the diarrhoea for so long, the vet said that's a good plan too. I was worried Willy might have a chronic intestinal problems due to the severity of the diarrhoea that burned his anus and scrotum.


 So I bought a pack of Hill's ID kibbles for Willy plus another two cans of ID.

Better let his intestines heal properly since we have already gone this far. Might as well go all the way.


Joy E. Saga said...

After Willy finish the anitbiotics, give him so pro-biotics to restore the good bacteria and pasty stools no more. I have given yakult to my cats with amazing results! I give about 3-5mls and monitor. Perhaps u can just add into the monge too.

chankahyein said...

Ok! I'll get Yakult for Willy. Thanks! Maybe I can give it to Heidi too (see today's post about Heidi's visit to clinic).