Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Saturday breakfast


Can you identify all eight of them? The tabbies are tricky!

Yes, Timmy is up to his naughty musical bowl trick again.

After ensuring Mr Zurik had ample food (to keep him eating at the patio), I went out to look for Willy.

Willy was across the road and came running when he saw me.


He seemed hungry, and that is good.

But in less than 2 minutes into eating, Willy froze.


Hey, what are you doing here??


How could he possibly finish eating that huge bowl of kibbles so quickly?

Mr Zurik wasted no time in antagonising Willy. He went behind me.

But I was faster, so I stopped him and pinned him against the wall.


Go home, Mr Zurik!


He wouldn't budge and I forgot to bring my water-gun, so I had to physically push him away.

Persistent, isn't he?


Willy was getting scared, but we are looking at a headway this time. At least Willy did NOT run off. Now, that's an achievement in itself.


I shoo-ed the Russian further off.

And replenished Willy's bowl.


I had to keep on physically pushing Zurik away, and it was getting to be a chore.

I couldn't risk running into the house to get the water-gun and leaving Willy at his mercy.


My, my...he actually finished up a whole can of Monge. For a tiny cat like him, that's pretty good appetite.


So I resorted to bribing the Russian with food.

I mean, what else could I do?


But that did not stop him from advancing towards Willy.

He is bent on bullying the tiny cat.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of fierce cat fighting.

Oh no!!

It sounded like it came from inside the house.

The patio cats run out to the porch for cover.

mini-CIMG8169 mini-CIMG8170 mini-CIMG8171

Rosie had disappeared to the neighbour's already.

I quickly run in.


Patio check.


I see. Mr Zurik did NOT finish his food. He was more interested in going out to bully Willy.


Heidi was already in the kitchen but soon came out.

mini-CIMG8173 mini-CIMG8174

Okay, so it was Indy. Just as I thought.

He looked completely frazzled.


Now, which one of you got bullied by Indy?


Everyone wanted a snack.

Well, alright.

mini-CIMG8177No prizes for guessing who the vanquished was just now.

Poor Cow...


CW Lee said...

Is it possible to send Mr Zurik to meet Mr Quack as I feel our Russian comrade may be able to be rehabilitate there? He can always returned home after his bullying instinct subside. Compare between Quack and Zurik, I think the KGB is easier to handle (not so fierce and notorious)

chankahyein said...

I cannot do that! Moreover, Mr Quack has a comrade now, I heard! Cats aren't like humans. They won't understand why they are sent away, and then sent back, etc. It wouldn't be fair on them. Also, Mr Zurik goes back to one of the houses up the road. He only appears at certain times to antagonise the easy-to-bully cats. I've noticed that if a cat does not respond to his bullying, he would leave that cat alone (no kick). The trouble is, Willy and Heidi both respond by showing fear. Mr Z gets a kick out of that.

Naz said...

My guess for tabbies:
1) Far up left = Mr Zurik (he purposely choose that spot so that he can run fast to the gate and bully Willy)
2) Down Left = Vincent
3) Right = Madam Heidi

chankahyein said...

100 marks!!