Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mr Zurik comes for his last day of medicine!

This morning, I heard the sound of cat growling in the wee hours of the morning. That woke me up and you know how it is, once you go back to sleep, you'll wake up late, which was precisely what happened after that!

By the time I got out to feed the Patio Family, it was already 8am and by then, it was bright and therefore, Mr Zurik must have gone.

I did not see him anywhere outside either.

Oh well, never mind.

But just now, at about 3.30pm, Mr Zurik came to the patio...


WHERE is my medicine??

I was here all morning and nobody fed me my medicine!!


Coming, coming, sir...

I quickly went into the kitchen and prepared his food-cum-medicine.


Here you go, Mr Zurik sir.


The patio cannot have two grey tabbies at any one time, so Vincent stayed inside.

mini-CIMG7052 mini-CIMG7053

The A-Team waiting...


The A-Team cannot possible be allowed to meet the Patio Team.

All hell will break lose.

After Mr Zurik was done eating, he went off.


But Igor came to the pantry.


Indy, Tabs, Cleo and Cow gave chase.

I intervened so that Igor could escape.


Igor was VERY agile. He managed to escape, climbed the tree and hopped onto the ledge.

He's safe!

mini-CIMG7062 mini-CIMG7064That was a smart move, Igor.

Timmy the Hunter is around. Fear him, please.

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