Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feeding Timmy

Ever since Ginger chased Timmy out of my house compound two days in a row, poor little Timmy has not dared to come back.

So, he just wanders around the playground (which isn't so bad because it's a big playground and there is no other cat there after the breakfast group disperses from the pavilion) and goes from blue dustbin to blue dustbin.

But whenever he sees me, he will "call", even from afar.

 So, we have a system now where I have a permanent plastic bowl at his No.1 Blue Dustbin (his main residence).

 I pour food into the bowl, I walk away, and Timmy comes to eat.

 But yesterday, Rosie found out I was feeding Timmy, so she came running from the patio in my house to the playground.

 Rosie was going to intimidate Timmy, but I managed to hold her back.

 And make her follow me on the red-brick road.

 Second round for Timmy.

 Ginger watches from the gate....and Daffodil is by the culvert.

 Meanwhile, Rosie's family has taken up permanent residence at the patio now.

Yesterday, I managed to dab iodine twice on Daffodil's wound. It's much better now.

 And someone vomited out some hairball, so they are on hairball treatment for a few days.

I find this very effective for hairball....while wating for my next batch of wheatgrass to be harvested!

And who might this pretty lady be?

Three guesses....quick!!

Yes, it's Raven!!

She's been spayed and she's very happy with lots of friends in DT's house!

Hi, Raven!!!

The Quack...and his friend...!!

A picture paints a thousand words!

From the adopter:
He's behaving at my house. No hissing, no catfight, He just eats and sleeps :)  He roams all over the house with my other cats around, and he doesn't fight with any of them. They go near him and he's okay. At night, he goes back to his "room" to sleep! He has identified that room to be HIS room! Smart fellow...

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We've all heard of Jack-in-a-Box, but what about Bunny-in-a-Box?

I was sorting keychains this evening and the Monge boxes are perfect for storing them because it's small.

 But Bunny found a better use for them!'re too big, Bunny.

But earlier on, Tiger had gone in and made himself comfortable. As you know, Tiger LOVES small baskets and small boxes. For him, the smaller, the better. But Bunny is very "kiasu". Whatever anyone does or have, he must ensure that he doesn't lose out.

So in went Bunny and he stayed until it got too uncomfortable.

Soon, Tiger came in and I assume Tiger must have tried to get into the box because I suddenly heard the sound of a terrible war-cry and saw Bunny chasing Tiger all the way out to the Clubhouse.

Water-gun to the rescue!!!

So you see...I deal with Quacks every day too.

 Meanwhile, Indy was intimidating Cow, who had gone into hiding behind the door.

Indy wants to establish himself as the new Big Boss of the clan, and I suppose the "take over" is not complete yet.

 And through it all, Pole was listening to Christmas songs with me at the table.

Have a holly jolly Christmas,
It's the best time of the year,
I don't know if there'll be snow,
But have a cup of cheer... 

 And in the spirit of sharing and caring, I have laid out, not cookies and milk (that's for Santa Claus), but TWO pacify Bunny.

But just like children, it's no thrill when there are two of the same toy. They only want that they can fight for it!

Merry Christmas, folks!!

Have a holly jolly holiday!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Guess who came for dinner?

This evening, after Ginger and Rosie had their dinner at 5pm, they brought Daffodil over at 8pm. This time I almost succeeded in catching Daffodil (to nurse her wound) by pulling the bowl closer and closer towards the cage. But I tell you, she is extremely smart and cautious.

I've got three long scratches on my arm you can guess what happened and now, I think I've sort of lost her trust.

Anyway, when she was near enough, I managed to dab iodine on the wound so all is not lost, but the trust built up over the last few days has gone down the drain now and I need to start from scratch again tomorrow. By then, I hope her wound would have healed.

The "trick" I used was to pull the bowl closer and closer until she is IN FRONT of me and on my left so that I can dab the iodine from BEHIND.  I managed to do that, but I still could not catch her. Well, I did, for a few seconds, but she struggled lose. I am certain...this petite cat is stronger than me.

The consolation is, the wound did not look life-threatening to me.

But after the big fiasco with Daffodil, guess who came for dinner?

Yes, the noisy one...


He is a brave, I can see.  Not as timid as I had thought.

He came towards the patio and announced his arrival for all to hear and take note of.

Of course I heard the commotion so I went out to check and there he was!

I brought out some food to the front and went back to towards the house so that he could eat. He is still afraid to come too close...

We peeked from the window...


 Yes, Ginger and me!

I had to carry Ginger in as Ginger was about to threaten Timmy.

 Shhh, Ginger...let Timmy eat, okay? We hide here and peek at him.

After awhile I went back to my room, but soon...

There was another commotion at the patio.

 Daffodil had come back to drink water and...

 Timmy too had come right into the patio.

This was WAY out of line for Ginger so he gave chase.

 This is MY territory, it's for me, my sister and my mummy, you...go away!

And Ginger chased poor Timmy all the way out to the road.

I could only watch....

It was just a chase and there was no fight.

Hmm...a difficult problem to solve...

 Why don't you unleash me?

Let me settle ze problem for you, Zorro, ze masked hero, ze new BOSS of ze clan! 

Don Diego Indy (a.k.a. Zorro), caballero at your service!

Where is the rain shelter??

When it rains, the cats run to their own "rain shelters". Some are kept secret from the humans and try as you might, you'll never be able to locate it, but some are visible to the human eye...if you look hard enough...

I've often wondered where our community cats (like Ginger and Rosie) run to whenever it rains. They will disappear...and then reemerge after the rain, totally and absolutely dry, without a single raindrop on their fur.

It never fails to amaze me. They are gone even before it rains. They'd never ever be caught wet in the rain....

 An hour ago, there was a thunderstorm in Subang Jaya.

 Ginger and Rosie had completely disappeared from the patio...

They were here all afternoon, but they are gone now.

 Where could they be? In some drain, somewhere?

I prayed for their safety. If the rain is too heavy, I prayed no cat will be swept away by the gushing rain waters in the drains.

Suddenly, there was some movement under my car....

 Hey! Ha ha...guess the family has a new rain shelter now, and I'm glad.

There was Rosie, Ginger and even their mum, Daffodil!

I didn't go out to look as Daffodil looked frightened. It must be her first time hiding under my car. Her children must have convinced her it's safe here, but she, being cautious, will not take any risks.

In fact, Daffodil is SO smart and cautious, I could not even get her into the carrier after two tries. She's certainly smarter than the Quack! I had wanted to dress her wound, but I couldn't catch her! She would be just 10cm from me, but there's no way I could catch her.

Back to the rain shelters now...where are the rain shelters of my inside brood?

 For Bunny, this is his rain station. It's the cul-de-sac in the room.

Pole is under the covers.

 The rest are under the bench.

Pole emerges first, as the rain subsides.

Cow comes out from behind the door.

 Cleo would rather play it safe.

 Tabs too.

 Tiger, though not alpha, is brave. He comes out.

What rain?? 

  Me drinks blood and eats ze iz not afraid of ze rain. 

Move over, Cow & Bunny, Indy is the NEW boss of the clan now.

I'm not the boss anymore?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the Timmy Trail

I did not see Timmy yesterday as the workers were busy at the playground. He must have gone into hiding.

But this morning, Timmy came into my house compound!! He must be hungry...

Now, Timmy can REALLY talk.

He mewed loudly.

Food's a-coming, Timmy. I rushed in to get the container of kibbles.

 By then, Timmy had gone out as my husband was driving the car out and there was too much of a commotion in the porch. So I laid the food out in a bowl.

 And Timmy came!


 But Rosie and Ginger were also here and they were not exactly very happy about it.

Yes, I'm NOT happy. 

 So I had to pacify these two...

...while Timmy at least gets his meal for the day.

 He looks good, not emaciated at all, so I suppose he does get food from one of the houses.

That's good.

I think he could even be one of Daffodil's many offsprings? Note the colour and the tuft-tail, exactly like Daffodil's.

 To pacify these two, I had to give them some kibbles as well.

But Ginger wasn't happy at all, so he went out and chased Timmy away.

Timmy mewed....

I had to intervene and luckily, Ginger isn't as psychotic as Cow, Bunny or Indy, so he actually "listened" and stopped in his tracks. Then, he went inside the drain while Timmy mewed some more from a distance.

 For Round Two, I hid behind the gate. Timmy is more wary now, because he is cautious of Ginger.

Ginger chased him again!


In he went into the drain again.

Round Three.

 Good boy, Ginger. Your friend is hungry, please let him eat.

Ginger stopped chasing Timmy.

Yes, it's all about vibrations and whether you succeed in transmitting them OR it's all just pure luck. But I'll bet cats have their own rules and we don't have a say at all!

 See the stumpy tuft-tail? Exactly like Daffodil's.

 Now what?

You're not bringing another cat in, are you?

Later, as we drove off, we saw Timmy chilling by this pile of sand.

Thus ends today's story of "On the Timmy Trail".

P.S.  I've been very concerned that one of Mr G's friends got poisoned yesterday (brought to vet, too late, could not be saved). His owner told me and she was devastated. She suspects it's the same neighbour who had been poisoning her cats previously. Now, another one of Mr G's friends have gone missing, and it's been four days now. Sigh... Here's the WHOLE problem with humans - they use killing as a way to solve their problems. There must be a good reason why "Thou shalt not kill" is in almost every major religion. Killing does NOT solve problems, it just generates more negativity and bad vibrations to the world.