Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mr Zurik, Willy and the Indy-like cat

The chronicles of Mr Zurik continues as he becomes a regular guest at the patio...


The morning started with Mr Zurik and Vincent locking horns at the patio and the rest looking on. I had to break them up by offerings of food to all parties.


Daffodil finished her meal quickly and went into the house for safety.


Mr G remained on high ground. After all, he only comes to socialise.


The rest had their breakfast.


Mr Zurik was given two helpings...actually, just to prevent him from growling at the rest.


Outside, Willy was terrified.


We know why.

mini-CIMG7215 mini-CIMG7217

After doing the needful shoo-ing, I managed to get Willy to eat.

mini-CIMG7218 mini-CIMG7219

You stay here.


We pause our story for a moment to take this lovely portrait...


Mr Zurik still wanted to go across the road to terrorise Willy...


Had to pacify him quickly with food before Willy runs away again.

mini-CIMG7228 mini-CIMG7229

Everybody's watching.


Yes, everybody.

mini-CIMG7231 mini-CIMG7232

Mr Zurik decides to leave. Too many watching him?

mini-CIMG7233 mini-CIMG7234

He'll be back in the evening.

mini-CIMG7235 mini-CIMG7246

This is the Indy-like cat. She needs a name...how about Ivy?


As I was walking about the playground, I spotted Willy lounging at the pavilion all by himself. He looks lonely, but that's only from our perception. Maybe he likes being alone. Maybe it's better for him too since he is so easily scared.

mini-CIMG7250 mini-CIMG7251

The whole playground is Willy's world and it is relatively safe.


Ivy has a house too, maybe not a home, but I've seen her going into a particular house down the road.

mini-CIMG7253 mini-CIMG7254 mini-CIMG7255

 See you this evening, Willy.

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