Monday, July 22, 2013

Willy's check up at the vet's

I brought both the carrier into the vet's examination room, and let Willy out first.

He was SO frightened, he ran helter-skelter, jumped onto the side table and almost brought the microscope down. The vet caught him by the scruff of his neck and put him on the table.


Willy has been scratching his ear. A bit of an ear mite problem, but not bad enough to warrant any treatment. Sometimes, they just live with it.


Look at that pool of urine.

Now, this is not normal. The vet pressed his bladder and all this urine came flowing out. (1) It is never easy to express urine out of a male cat. (2) Willy had just urinated in the carrier, how can he still have so much urine? (3) How did Willy urinate halfway in the carrier and keep all this urine in his bladder? We cannot do that, can we?

The vet suspects he may have FLUTD. Now, FLUTD, as we know it, is usually marked by a blocked bladder, but there are actually two types: blocked and unblocked. And we usually think FLUTD is caused by bacteria (hence, the use of antibiotics almost always cures it beautifully) but bacteria isn't the only cause. It could be due to crystals too and many other factors.

The vet looked at the urine and it was all clear (no visible crystals), of a healthy colour and odour.

Another reason for this anomalous condition (being able to express so much urine out of Willy) could also be just due to his fear, and don't we know how scaredy poor Willy is?

The vet says it is possible that he was just very frightened. We hope that's the cause. Also, I have confined him for 7 days and his urination is normal, as far as I have monitored. Only once in a while, it is concentrated. At other times, it is as normal as any other cat's urine.

The vet says to leave it be.

Now the best news is that Willy's scrotum has healed completely and he can already be neutered. Since Willy is a CNRM cat, the vet suggested neutering before vaccination. For CNRM, the priority is always to neuter as this carries a "greater good", so to speak. I can give him Vetri DMG to help (already am doing this).

From the examination today and the vet's professional opinion, Willy is all ready to be neutered. I also have the option of waiting for another 10 days if I like (normally, for ideal situations, we wait 10 days before doing the next thing on the list), but will I be able to catch him again?

So we decided to let him be neutered. Since Willy had his breakfast at 8am, he will be done at 4pm.


 I too had to hold him by the scruff of his neck to calm him.

Please could I ask for your prayers and good wishes for Willy? Thank you so much.

As many times as I do this, I am still a bundle of nerves whenever any animal goes through anaesthesia.

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