Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday morning at the patio

We often think that Tiger is a pushover and is very easy-going?

Not so, folks.

This morning, there was loud whining and growling at the patio. Of course I assumed it would be Mr Zurik and Vincent locking horns.

But it wasn't.

When I went out, I saw Mr Zurik talking to Tiger at the Stargate and it was Tiger whining his disapproval of Mr Zurik's aggressive ways...


After what seemed a long session of whining where I could almost hear Tiger saying, "No, we cannot approve your membership yet until you stop your aggression towards Willy!", Mr Zurik moved away, head hung low...looking almost quite pitiful. We can see he so wants to belong to the patio, but he has to learn that you have to be a peaceful cat before others would accept you.


Outside, Willy could only eat at the playground, and why so?


See? Mr Zurik again had taken Willy's breakfast spot.

But Vincent was missing this morning, so I went looking for him.


I heard cat whining, and found Vincent turning on his aggression at this bushy ginger-white cat. I've seen this cat before, though. He's someone's pet.


Vincent refused to come back. He is not motivated by food, as we know.

What Vincent was doing reminded me of the old days in the old neighbourhood where Cow & Bunny would guard the entire street and prevent other cats from coming in anywhere within a plus-minus 6 house radius. That's what territorial cats do and neutering does not remove or reduce this character in them. But the good thing about Vincent is that he does not fight. He only postures and whines, AND he doesn't bully. That is why Tiger admitted him into Tabby Inc., see?


This is the ginger-white cat. I wasn't sure if he was a male or female at first, but I later saw his scrotum. He is a male.


This is MY territory. Please go back to yours.


And ginger-white goes back.

See the scrotum? He's not neutered. But he is a pet, I'm quite sure of that.


Meanwhile, I kept Mr Zurik at bay at his own spot (the dustbin platform).


So that Willy could eat peacefully.


Over at the patio, Daffodil and Rosie licks up the remaining food while Timmy merely looks on.

Yes, our 20% diet is ON TRACK!


Happy Timmy rolling on the kitchen floor.


 And happy Cow rolling on my table!

Have a happy Sunday, folks!

I'm off to give a talk (and I'd surely promote kindness to animals!).


joyce swee accardi said...

Your cats look so happy! I adopted a stray kitten myself 8 months ago and she has given me so much joy! Thinking of bringing another stray in but a little apprehensive as Snowbell (her name) thinks she is the queen of the house now!

Alicia said...

"Over at the patio, Daffodil and Rosie licks up the remaining food while Willy merely looks on."

I think you meant "Timmy"?

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...yes! Thank you. Will amend.

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Joyce…..I have a stray who is looking for a home. Judging from your cat’s name, she might be white. My stray is black, dewormed, spayed and flea free. Interested to make a yin and yang combination, let me know. Blackie is very sweet and is a female.