Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr Zurik and his "Operasi Cari Pasal" and Willy eats kibbles

Mr Zurik comes several times a day to "cari pasal" and poor Vincent, being the stormtrooper, has to fend him off.

Every time we hear the whining, I have to go out and chase him off. It's not food that he wants because he gets his meals, he just wants to come and whine for reasons unknown.


Willy is doing well.

Today, I gave him ID as well as kibbles for dinner and so far, he has managed to retain the kibbles well. No diarrhoea and it has been 5 hours now. His stools this morning were well formed.


Timmy and Ginger keep him company.

cari pasal

There you see...locking horns with Vincent again!

mini-CIMG7653 mini-CIMG7654 mini-CIMG7655

 Mother-and-daughter watch the whole episode from high ground.

mini-CIMG7657 mini-CIMG7656

Mr Zurik does visit Willy too.

Feeling secure in the cage, Willy does not seem to be fearful of Mr Zurik, certainly a far cry from the days in the playground where he would flee for his life the moment he catches a glimpse of the Russian cat.

If Willy does not mind, I would like to keep him confined a little longer, but I know it is not also comfortable being caged like this, away from the sun. Sunshine heals and cats need the sun.

Since yesterday, Willy's cage does not have that foul odour anymore, which is really good. I cannot see his anus and scrotum, but while he standing up to eat, I have managed to apply the soothing gel onto that part. I think it must be healing because the foul smell cannot be detected anymore. Now, that is a relief!

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