Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Я поймал тебя, Mr Zurik!!!

No, no applause, was far too easy.

I put food in the cage, he stepped in, I close the door (he didn't even know).

What about transferring from cage to carrier?

Aha....Daiso latex gloves (as a precaution only)!!


Brand new....!!

But took me a few seconds to figure which part is for the palms...ha ha! See which part is more subject to being bitten.

But it was SO easy, I actually needn't have used them. Could have done it with my bare hands.

I just opened the door, grabbed him gently by the scruff of the neck, he did not struggle at all, and plopped him into the carrier. Easy as pie.

I figured why he escaped when my husband tried yesterday. He is scared of him, that's why he ran.


Not even a squeak!

In fact, I think he was quite happy too.

An adventure, perhaps?

A soldier NEEDS adventures, right?


So off we went, and as I started the car, the Platters sang...

Only you can make this change in me
For it's true, you are my destiny
When you hold my hand
I understand the magic that you do
You're my dream come true
My one and only you
(One and only you...)

Oh apt!


Mr Zurik tipped the scales at 4.85kg, a perfect weight for a cat his size.

Hear that, Cow, Bunny and Tiger?

He had gained 100g from one month ago. No worries, it's the perfect weight.


He had really bad ear mites one month ago when I brought him in for neutering, but now, there is no more evidence of any mites. Still the vet said another round of Advocate spot-on should complete the treatment.

Mr Zurik scratched his ear, though, which indicates there could still be some infection.


He was oh-so good. You almost forgot he was THE Mr Zurik, the leader of the KGB Shrew-Squad.

I shall cooperate when I am captured, but I WILL find a way to escape!

All war is deception - Sun Tzu. Just pretend to be goody-two-shoes...for now.

Mr Zurik's temperature was taken, it was normal and he was vaccinated. As an adult cat, one shot would do. The vet estimates him at most to be 4 years old.


We drove home and Heidi welcomed us.

Her spot is now on the window sill.

mini-CIMG8324 mini-CIMG8325

You're free to go, Mr Zurik sir.


He decided to go home, tail down...


I washed the carrier with mild bleach, just to play it safe.


 My job is done for Mr Zurik!

Go forth, but ye shalt not multiply, Mr Zurik!!

But I'm sure we will see him at least twice a day, and he might just happily go into the cage. After all, he has happy memories of Jojo's Healing Haven, doesn't he?

Mr Zurik's treatment today is fully sponsored by Tabs & Associates!

And this is for Mr Zurik:

May I never ever have to say "Я поймал тебя, Mr Zurik!!!" again!!

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