Thursday, July 18, 2013

Willy's soothing bum gel!

After feeding everyone, I decided I'd try my luck at cleaning Willy's bum and applying the lemongrass soothing gel.


This is my first-aid kit. It consists of the lemongrass gel, Dermacyn (for cleaning the wound area) and cotton pads.



Oh...and Halo too, because...


...I needed a tasty enough snack to lure Willy to stand up so that I can clean his bum (that's his anus and scrotum).

It took a few rounds of treats to keep him standing up. I could see it wasn't as dirty as before because the diarrhoea has stopped. There was just some flakes of  dried pasty stools which were easily wiped off with the cotton pads, and I managed to apply the soothing gel onto the wound area.

mini-CIMG7594 mini-CIMG7595

I tell you, this gel is SO soothing and cooling, and has a lovely scent too. I wouldn't mind using it on myself, actually.

Willy liked it lots! He did not lick it up and even if he did, it's totally non-toxic.

Willy's appetite is getting much better too. He really loves his ID food. I gave him a double helping and there has been no diarrhoea so far. The Halo treats also did not make him have any loose stools.

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Yen Ling said...

The gel looks awesome. I'm sure a soothed bum makes Willy a happier cat.