Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's the Minions! Blanket No. 29 - up for auction!

Finally, it was Agnes Cheong who, again, scoured the textile shops and managed to buy this piece of Minion cloth. Thank you very much, Agnes!


Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 5pm, on Friday, 28th February 2014.

Note: Please monitor this post near closing time if you want to ensure that you are the highest bidder.

100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM150?

The bids as they come in:

28th Feb:

At 4.02pm, MiTess bids RM333.

At 10.29am, PC Leong bids RM288.

26th Feb:

At 10.20pm, Wine Dogs bid RM250.

The making:


It is made using 5 different types of cloth, all cotton material.


The QC was done by Bunny!

mini-P1240463 mini-P1240464

Of course with the usual close supervision by Ginger.


I personally love the simplicity of this design!


I sewed the top design and did the top-stitching.


My mum did the backing.


This is a two-layered cotton patchwork without padding in between.

It measures 53 inches by 76 inches (yes, it's bigger than usual!).


Will this blanket be yours?

Happy Bidding!

For a generous contribution of RM150, you get to subsidise a street dog's neutering or a cat's and two vaccinations, and in doing so, prevent the breeding of unwanted street animals and protect these animals from contracting dreaded diseases. In return for your kindness, you get to take home a home-sewn cotton patchwork blanket which you can pass on to many others with all your love.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cats on a hot, hot day!

Cats love it hot.

Well, lucky them....because we humans are finding it quite hard to cope with the hot weather, aren't we?

So, where do cats go on a hot, hot day?


They hide under vegetable pots and lie on rocks.

This has always been Timmy's favourite chilling out spot, but he is letting Ginger share it during this hot season.

That's mighty generous of you, Timmy!


Mr Zurik and Vincent relax on the patio.


Cats LOVE the hot weather.

But we still turn on the fan for them at the patio.

mini-P2250587And after a few days' absence, Willy came for dinner today!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An orange intruder at midnight!

About ten minutes ago, I heard a cat-alert cry outside in the garden.

Who could it be? Usually, these sounds are made in Mr Zurik and Vincent's daily head-butting sessions, but Mr Zurik had been and still was on the table with me at the sewing machine all night.


I looked out at the patio. Timmy was sitting nonchalantly on the patio chair with Daffodil nearby.

There's nothing out there.

But the whining wouldn't stop, so I decided to go out to have a look.

I opened the grille to the patio and found Ginger stalking something at the pandan bush. Timmy was still on his chair, but got down when I came out.

By then, the whining had gone on for quite long.


I looked hard into the pandan bush but couldn't see anything at all.


Mr Zurik came to help too.

I was afraid it might be "some other animal", so I thought I should use the hose and spray water in that direction.


And that's what I did.

The "other animal" came out alright....


It was a skinny looking ginger cat!


Okay, not so skinny, after all.


The ginger cat hissed at Mr Zurik.

It looks like it's a colour-coded affair again. Since it's a ginger intruder, it would be Ginger and Timmy's duty to confront the intruder and tackle the problem?

But Ginger, being who he is, didn't exactly know what to do, so Mr Zurik, our seasoned KGB-agent, decided to break protocol and take matters into his own paws, so he let out a growl and chased the ginger cat out to the porch.

The ginger one ran.


It was triumphant moment for Mr Zurik...this time.

After that saga with Cow, I guess Mr Zurik needed this victory to restore his confidence.


And throughout the entire episode, Vincent didn't even lift a claw to help. He just sat on his table and observed.

Guess it was too trivial for our Jedi warrior?


Timmy was still checking under the vegetable pots for more intruders.

After all, the vegetable garden IS Timmy's territory and he had failed to guard it.

I helped by spraying water, but I was very sure there won't be another animal coming out this time!


Indy watched the entire episode from the Stargate.

I could have settled that single-handedly in a blink of an eye and that skinny scallywag wouldn't ever dare come within 3 houses from ours ever again!


A triumphant Mr Zurik came back with his head held high, received by Daffodil (near the bench).

Rosie must have gone socialising with her line-dancing friends again.


Timmy went back into his cage.


Then, Mr Zurik confronted Ginger inside the house.

By the looks on Ginger's face and looking at his ears, I could almost hear Mr Zurik say: "You didn't do too well, need to attend our training tomorrow. We tabbies can help you, but really, you must learn to fight your own orange battles too."


What training? 

mini-P2250602 mini-P2250605The girls weren't too interested in tonight's affair, of course.

mini-P2250580Pole slept through it all!

A Cow-Zurik saga

Two days ago, after I had just come back from the Berjaya event, Cow sneaked out of the grille as we opened it and launched a full scale attack on a totally unsuspecting Mr Zurik.

It was an attack of titanic magnitude and was very frightening, to say the least.

My son had opened the grille to get out of the room when suddenly (and it has never happened before), Cow lunged from inside the room straight at poor Mr Zurik.

It all happened in a few seconds.

Hearing the ghastly war-cry, Mr Zurik ran and froze. He was too shocked and scared to even move.

My son quickly put on my house slippers (which was thick and well-protected) and pointed his slippered-foot right at Cow's face to block him from progressing further at the poor frozen-stiff Mr Zurik.

I grabbed a towel from the room, threw it over Cow and carried him, growling, into the room and quickly closed the grille.

It was over in a matter of not more than 1 minute.

There was a broken claw and some tufts of fur all around Mr Zurik and some drops of thick blood on the floor.

Mr Zurik was not bitten. It was Cow. I don't know what he did, but he must have been so angry that some tufts of fur had come off and even one claw had detached itself.

We saw drops of thick blood on the floor inside the room where Cow had walked on. The blood must have come from his detached claw.

Cleo sniffed at the blood while Cow just walked out to the pantry.

He was alright. Just angry.

That's Cow for you.

So one is not surprised why Tabs pleads to come out of Bunny's Place every day, or how she even survives daily. She avoids Cow & Bunny like the plague. Or, how Tiger has survived all these years. Luckily Indy is friends with Tabs and Tiger.


Poor Mr Zurik. Luckily, he got off unscathed. Just a little shocked.


A daily scene.


The PatioCats really don't realise what Titans can do. They still wish they could come into Bunny's Place.


The Titanic-3.


Let sleeping cats lie.


The crankiest of 'em all.

mini-PB240041 mini-PC170190Even the cranky one has to chill at times!

Rainbow Butterflies (Blanket No. 28) - for auction!

Butterflies remind us about the impermanence of life, but it also tells us that while we are here on earth, we can (and should!) bring lots of joy, colour and beauty to the world!

Our next blanket is the Rainbow Butterflies!



Auction Rules:

1. Please check the latest comment for the latest bid before putting in yours.

2. All bids are placed as comments on this blogpost. All comments will be published instantly in chronological order. 

3. The auction ends at 5pm, on Tuesday, 25th February 2014.

Note: Please monitor this post near closing time if you want to ensure that you are the highest bidder.

100% of the winning bid will be channeled to our Fund for the animals.

Do we hear RM150?

The bids as they come in:

25th Feb:

At 4.56pm, Oreo Bartholomeow Balestorm bids RM399.

At 3.44pm, Momo bids RM388.

At 7.32am, Nora bids RM320.

24th Feb:

At 10.39pm, Khalifa bids RM300.

At 9.26pm, Wine Dogs bid RM250.

At 9.16pm, Irenelance bids RM150.

The making:


The butterfly cloth is quality Japanese cotton (RM45 per metre), contributed by the PatioCats.

Thank you, Chen Chen, for helping us buy the cloth (and queuing up!).

mini-PC020116 (2)

I sewed the top, supervised by Ginger and Heidi.


This is a two-layered cotton patchwork without padding in between.

It measures 47 inches by 70 inches.


The backing is done by my mum, in blue heartprint motifs.


Will this blanket be yours?

Go to sleep every night with the reminder that life can be beautiful and colourful, if we make it to be so!

Happy Bidding!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A new black kitty on the block

As I was feeding Bunny & Friends this morning, I heard the familiar sound of Timmy's complaints. I thought it was because today's breakfast was a little later than usual, or he's complaining about Mr Zurik again (which he does, occasionally).

But when I went out to feed the Patio Family, Heidi kept looking towards the Stargate. So I looked too...

Oh...hello there! And who might you be? I rushed in to get my camera....


It was a smallish black kitten and she reminded me instantly of Raven because she was clambering to get into Bunny's Clubhouse.


She was climbing the grilled of the Stargate actually, and if you look closely, we put up the green netting because Raven got in the last time, on the night that she came. This time, this black kitty was a bit too big to squeeze through the bars of the grille (thank goodness for that...for her sake!). Cow and his titanic friends do not attack kittens, but they will attack (to the death, unfortunately) "cats". And I don't know how Cow classifies a feline, ie. when it is a kitten and when it is a cat. That's how Raven got off without being attacked last time.

Cats won't last a few seconds under the might and wrath of Cow & Company.


The titans came immediately and the little black kitty went under the vegetable pots.


I placed a bowl of food for her (assuming she is female), but she wasn't interested at all.


WHO was that??


Meanwhile, everyone at the patio was having breakfast, including Willy (we brought him in) and the surprising thing is, with all this commotion created by the black kitty, nobody seemed to be much interested.

mini-P2200561 mini-P2200562 mini-P2200564

The black kitty was determined to get INTO Bunny's Clubhouse. She wasn't the least bit interested in food.

Then, to my horror, she started scaling the grille. I don't think she could get in, but I really feared what would happened (to her) if she did. So, my husband shoo-ed her down.

The black kitty made a beeline for the house!

mini-P2200565 mini-P2200566

I noticed she has long hair and she definitely looks like a pet. She also looked well-fed. Only her tail was slightly wet and she smelled a little.


The black kitty did a few rounds of merry-go-around all over the house, with Tabs watching her, slightly scared (Tabs, that is).

The black kitty seemed quite at home with the house surroundings. Definitely someone's pet.


Finally, husband shoo-ed her out through the front door. We hope she will go home. I think she could have mistakenly come into the wrong house.


By now, everyone had finished eating and there was a commotion outside. Either they were discussing the new intruder or Mr Zurik was picking his usual fights with Vincent.

mini-P2200573Willy was afraid, so I brought him back to the top of the cage.

So, that's the story of the day. I hope the black kitty goes home.