Saturday, July 13, 2013

Willy and Mr Zurik

Mr Zurik continues to come for two meals each day and whenever he does, there will be a session of locking horns with Vincent. So far, no fight has broken out, and I'm glad.


I was worried about Willy yesterday as I noticed he was straining to defecate. But his appetite is good, in fact, he had three helpings of food today, so I think he should be fine. Meanwhile, I have already consulted the vet who advised that I can use Lactulose on Willy should the need arise. I dewormed Willy today.


Vincent stands guards while Willy eat. This culvert is just across the road from where Willy normally has his meals if Mr Zurik has taken over his breakfast spot.


Mr Zurik is very persistent.

Despite my husband shoo-ing him away 3 times, he just keeps coming back. He loves terrorising Willy and that is a problem (for Willy).


Mr G watches.


 All is fine at the patio.

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