Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Willy Day 2 (morning)

I was undecided whether to try force-feeding Willy his medicine (like they do it SO easily at the clinic even on the most ferocious feline) or to just mix it with his wetfood.



I took the cowardly way out....and mixed it with his wetfood.

Oh well, I cannot afford to get a bite since my thumb (that got scratched yesterday) is still one-and-a-half times its size.


Willy was hungry enough, so....yay!

But hold your horses....not so "yay" after all (wait...).


Mr Zurik was at the patio with everyone else, but he started whining and making a racket. Then, he left the patio and whined all the way out towards the porch.

mini-CIMG7505 mini-CIMG7506

When I checked, Willy had eaten most of the (spiked) food, but he also picked out a bit of the tablet and dropped it into the tray below. I've noticed he's very good at that. Smart cat he is.


Mr Zurik came back, either for more food or to "cari pasal".


Willy ate up almost all....almost.

So, this may not be a very good method to ensure that he eats up ALL the medicine. I have two options: (1) Pound the medicine until powder and mix it with his wetfood OR (2) Try force-feeding by holding the scruff of the neck and plonking the medicine in. This will depend on my courage level later this evening.


I gave Willy more food. The bits he left behind is mixed together.

mini-CIMG7510 mini-CIMG7511


I broke them up with the "water cannon".

But they took the fight out towards the porch.


Daffodil intervened.

She came forth and stepped in between the two warring tabbies.

Yes, Daffodil is brave.


And Daffodil stayed in the war zone to ensure Zurik only ate and not antagonise.

mini-CIMG7514 mini-CIMG7515

At the pantry, Indy Jones was fighting his own war. I caught him banging on the polycarbonate while Cleo has her breakfast. Cleo has a "thing" - she doesn't like to eat with everyone else, so she only eats after everyone has left. She is quite anti-social.


Cow & Bunny "killed" all my pandan with their spraying, so I'm trying these plants now. After all, the earlier batch survived the urine attacks and managed to grow up into "little trees".


 And no, Tabs, you don't get to go out yet. Let me settle everything first.

After half an hour...


I caught a glimpse of Willy eating up the rest of the food.....*small yay*!! (He left some bits behind, I bet it's the bits with the medicine.)


Yen Ling said...

(1) Pound the medicine until powder and mix it with his wetfood

The safest option for both human and feline. Otherwise, marinate the pill and wetfood overnight.

chankahyein said...

Doesn't work. The Metronidazole is very bitter.

Chen said...

Yen Ling's tip - mix powdered medicine with food can be added on. Then feed the medicated food by swiping it into his mouth around the sides/corner or swipe along his teeth. Don't have to be very accurate because the cat's instinct is to lick. So any smeared food on his face will be licked up during the cleaning up process.