Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Willy, the still water and street-fighter???

And how is Willy? Oh, he decided to bite me today, so giving him his medicine was a bit of a struggle. And Willy is a very smart cat. Since yesterday, he had mastered the art of tightening the muscles around his neck so that I cannot get a good grip of the scruff of his neck. There was barely any skin to grab onto since he had tightened his muscles there. So, it was very difficult to get a grip.

He did the same thing again this morning, and snarled at me as well, showing his teeth. I know, I know, you hate the Metronidazole. Sigh, why do they have to make the pill so bitter? I could only grab the lower part of his scruff and it wasn't a good grip. Was a bit of a struggle, but I managed to force-feed him his medicine after several tries.

Just how bitter is the Metronidazole?

Today is Day 3, so we are looking at just 2 more days.

I don't know if I can ever catch him again for neutering after I release him. He has proven himself to be quite fierce. Why, it's easier to catch Mr Zurik. I can pick him up quite easily now.

The vet said Willy's scrotum has to completely heal before he can be neutered because the castration procedure requires a cut to be made at the scrotum and it has to heal properly. For this to happen, his scrotum cannot be inflamed at all.

This evening, after work, I shall attempt to take a peek at his scrotum and apply the lemongrass soothing gel, if he doesn't bite me, that is! I think I need help on this as it took two vets to clean his scrotum and anus at the clinic. One to hold him down and one to do the job. Two pairs of hands are needed.

And oh, there were pasty stools this morning. No blood in the stools and that is a good thing. The vet had asked me to examine his stools. Willy's appetite is good and he looks good too.

And doesn't it seem like he is a still water? We thought he was a weakling and a scaredy cat? It doesn't appear to be so now. He can fend for himself and can be quite fierce too. This explains all his chipped teeth! We may be looking at a street-fighter here.

The secret lives of street-cats...hmm.

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