Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poor, poor tiger...

My friend, Mary, sent me this youtube link:
Apparently, this video was taken in a park in Melaka, and the tiger was placed at the entrance of the park. 
If you happened to witness such events anywhere, please do not support it. 
It is a form of animal abuse. 
Please boycott such events, and make it known to the management that such acts are inhumane. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

More pictures of Peanut and Butter

So, it's confirmed - Butter IS a girl!  How silly of me to have been duped for so long.  Guess I was concentrating so much on getting them well and healthy, I did not bother much about checking their gender.

Here are some updates and photos from Effi:

I fed them steamed chicken yesterday & they finished it in less than 5 mins!  My other job was taking their pic as I don’t want to miss every moment of their sweet little antics.

Hope you like their pics. Butter actually prefers to be with me all the time while Peanut will always want to be with my housemate Did.

Yesterday while having dinner, I was seated on my dining chair, Butter did a stunt by jumping onto me by scratching onto my jeans & after that she fell asleep on my lap...  She was so cute.. Peanut as usual, will be sleeping behind the mirror.

Hi Pea-Pea!

The cute little girl who has won everyone's hearts...

Play and be happy, kitties!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Butter is a girl?

Oh no....not again!  Can three vets get it wrong?  Three vets checked and told me that Butter is a boy, but now Wani text me to say that Butter is a girl!

Well, we got Princess wrong - he turned out to be a "Prince" instead. 

And now, Butter is a girl? 

Well, I do agree she looks very feminine and behaves in that way too....

So, Butter is a girl....well, we can call her Butter Cup or Butter Cookie then.

Effi says it's perfectly alright that Butter is a girl.  In fact, Butter takes to Effi very naturally while Peanut is more with Did. 

Sweet little Butter....

Peanut & Butter - pampered with lots of love!

It is really such a joy receiving photos and updates of Peanut & Butter from Effi.

Here's an account from Effi, writing from work:

I just can’t wait to go home to see them.. Still have an hour to go.. Goshh it’s really killing me actually..

Last night when I took them from Wani’s house, as usual they were exploring the whole house, and playing with each other.

Whenever Peanut happens to be alone, he will make a sound to look for Butter.  He is so sweet...too bad I could not capture the moment on camera. 

Both of them sleep with me in the room on my bed. Just can’t let them sleep alone in the hall.

When I was getting ready to work this afternoon, both of them were sleeping at their favorite place – behind my dressing mirror. Worried whether they are doing fine at home without me, I kept smsing my housemate to check on them.. Thank God they are ok.

You know what, this morning Peanut wake me up sharp 7 to ask for his antibiotics while Butter was still sleeping on my pillow. Isn’t it cute?

Thanks again, for bringing them into my life!

It is indeed a great blessing to have found a caring and loving adopter like you, Effi, for Peanut & Butter.  Both of them are very good at timing and they are like alarm clocks!  And yes, Peanut can sit on his hind legs - he's very good at that.  Even while in my house, the two of them would always be together and the moment Butter is out of sight, Peanut will whine and look for him.  That is why I needed them to be adopted together.  They are very attached to each other.  Peanut looks after Butter, and Butter thrives on it.

Thank you for your wonderful account and photos.  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Peanut & Butter at Effi's

I'm always guilty of being a little paranoid whenever any of my fostered kittens are newly adopted.  I hope the adopters would understand that I just want to make sure they are adjusting well to their new environment, so, I'll usually like to know if they are eating, pee-ing and poo-ing, etc. 

Yesterday, Peanut & Butter were at Wani's, and according to Wani, Joned was the big brother taking care of them and following them around as they explored the house.  Isn't Joned so sweet?

As expected, Peanut is the more active one, and Butter wants everyone to cuddle him.  That's the way they were while they were with me too.  Both of them ate their food yesterday, and did their business this morning.  That's really good news.

Here are some photos from Effi, from her apartment:

Little Peanut with his new collar.  I've always noticed that Peanut has very big front paws.  Look at those paws! 

Butter has a new collar too.


I do miss those pretty blue eyes...

Peanut, always on the move (his photos are always a little blur).

Last night, I thought I felt Peanut and Butter nudging me as they usually do....Ahh, I've grown so accustomed to their antics already.

I'm really glad they have a safe and wonderful home with Effi now.  

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peanut & Butter at their new home

This morning, I fed Peanut & Butter their usual breakfast treat of steamed chicken, which they will always finish....very quickly.

Then, the usual routine is, Butter will rush out to the kitchen to see if Bobby has any left-overs, and Bobby will always move aside to let Butter have some.

That's my son, Jia-Wen, saying "bye" to both of them before going off to work.

Playing hide-and-seek around Bobby...

I spent the whole morning with them today, and took each of them and told them that they would be going to their new home.  I had already told them about it two days ago, and also yesterday, but today, they seemed to be listening.  Both of them put their heads on my chest and closed their eyes.  Butter slept for a short while, too. 

Soon, it was time to go. 

Effi Herawaty is Wani Mohd's friend & colleague and they both live in the same neighbourhood.  If you remember, Wani adopted Bandit from me a few months ago.  It was Wani who introduced Effi to me, and Effi had booked Peanut & Butter about a month ago. 

This morning, Effi text to say she was at Wani's apartment, so I could send Peanut & Butter to Wani's place.  I had packed the kittens' things already - Peanut's antibiotics, their Vetri DMG, their food, vaccination cards and their toys (their ball and Suki's feather).  

We arrived and was greeted by Wani, Effi, Did (another cat-loving friend) and Joned and Bandit!
Here's Bandit!  He has certainly put on a lot of weight, and is looking really good.

I let the kittens out of the carrier, and they wasted no time in exploring Wani's apartment.

Here's Peanut making friends with Bandit.

Effi carrying Peanut, talking to Wani.

Joned seems to be saying, "Hey, you look a bit like me..."

Between the two, Peanut seemed more at home, and Effi joked saying that it's because Peanut has black and white markings, like Joned and Bandit, while Butter is like a "Mat Salleh", ie. blonde with blue eyes!  Indeed, Bandit and Joned eyed Butter curiously...

You look different from us, but you're still very cute...

Effi and Butter. 

Peanut and Butter will be staying with Wani until tonight since Effi has to go to work later.  Effi didn't want to leave them alone in her apartment.  In fact, Wani and Effi babysit for each other's pets whenever one of them go back to their respective hometowns.  So, the kittens will be very at home in both apartments.  I was really glad to hear this. 

And Did, who is also a cat-lover, visits often and helps to babysit as well.  The kittens will have lots of "aunties" looking after them.

Butter seemed very at home under these stools.  Before I left, he was already fast asleep.  I whispered "bye-bye" and patted him. 

Peanut was still busy exploring the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, etc.  It must be very exciting being in a new place.

I am thankful that Effi has adopted both of them together.  At least they won't be lonely, and they would always have each other for company.

Thank you, Effi, and thank you, Wani. 

Have a good life, Peanut & Butter.  I will miss you both lots. 

The house seems very empty now, and more so, this room feels so empty without Pea-Pea and Butty prancing around, and the sound of the bell in their little ball rolling about the room. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peanut & Butter's last night with me

If all goes well tomorrow, Peanut and Butter will be going to their new home.  Effi Herawaty will be coming to view them and hopefully, take them home. 

It is always very hard to part, especially when they have been with me for 10 weeks now.  This is more so for these two because we went through so, so much together. 

Being orphaned at 2 weeks, Peanut & Butter did not have the advantage of their mother's milk and immunity.  They had worm infestation, diarrhoea, Peanut had FLUTD, and due to the immature immune system, they had fungus as well.  Last week, they had diarrhoea again, but it healed within two days.  Then, Peanut came down with a blood parasite (and fever), which thankfully, also healed within 2 days.   

It would be hard to forget how persistent their diarrhoea was, and how I tried everything from diet control, to steamed chicken, steamed pumpkin, rehydration salts, etc.  We even made a 3am emergency trip to the vet's for the injection of subcutaneous fluids.

And then there was their fungus, which was also very persistent.  I could not use any medication because they were too young, so the only thing that was safe enough was Apple Cider Vinegar.  It worked...in time.  

It had only been 10 weeks, but it sure seems much longer than that, because we went through so much together. 

So, today has been a day of photography for us at home...

Peanut & Butter at what my son calls, their "watering hole", and of course, playing on their favourite kitchen slippers.

This is a photo I've always wanted to take, but never got to until today - Indy licking Peanut.  Indy seems to have an affinity with Peanut.  He's always licking him.

Butter's favourite "parrot perch".

My husband playing the "touch nose" game with Butter.

Ming-Yi with Peanut & Butter.

Playing with Suki's feather.

Their favourite basket in the room, where they love to play hide-and-seek.

Run and hide!

Another favourite basket for hide-and-seek.

Butter with his blue eyes.

One of the best shots of Peanut today.

He's always on the go...looking for adventure.

Grab you two, for a quick photo!

A quick snooze, before waking up for another game and a new adventure...

Peanut and Butter are definitely the most obedient and well-behaved kittens I've ever fostered.  Both of them answer to their names and come to me when I call, no matter where they are. 

I am surely going to miss looking after Peanut and Butter, but I'm glad they will be going to their forever-home tomorrow.   

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to Cow, Bunny & Pole

Cow, Bunny and Pole were rescued four years ago, on Mother's Day 2006.  I was taking a Sunday morning walk and had found them huddled together by the roadside.  They only opened their eyes two weeks after that.    

Happy Birthday, Cow, Bunny and Pole!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The many poses of Butter and his idol

It must be the colour, or perhaps it's just the warmth, but Butter simply LOVES being with Bobby.

Wait patiently for Uncle Bobby to settle down.

Yay...now, find a comfortable spot...ooh, that's just nice!

Hello there...

Scratch, scratch...

Hey, Uncle Bobs!  Are you asleep yet?

Play with own feet....since Uncle Bobs is asleep.

Bleh!  My feet don't taste very nice...

Huddle up, Uncle Bobs is nice, warm and cuddly...

Can you see me now?  Where am I?

Goodnight, everyone...