Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vincent joins Tabby Inc.

For a while now, Tiger and Tabs have been members of this covert group called Tabby Inc. The group was started by Tiger way back in the old neighbourhood where the objective of the group was to make friends with every animal on our street. Tiger is the president (read Pawprints on My Heart, Chapter 4, for the full story). After moving here, the group (with new member, Tabs) continue propagating their objective albeit quietly and covertly.

Note: Tabby Inc is not the same as Tabs & Associates.  The latter is headed by Ms Tabitha Jane Spencer.

Yesterday, Vincent applied for membership to join Tabby Inc.


The initiation ceremony starts with an interview with the president, Tiger.


Observed by Tabs, the only other member. Yes, it is a very exclusive group.


The members vote: Can Vincent Valentino Starr be admitted as a member?


Yes, welcome, Vincent Starr! You are now officially a member of Tabby Inc.
At all times, remember to uphold our motto: The path to a peaceful life is Goodness and Forgiveness.


Tabby Inc often meet members of the community for round table discussions. The subject centres on peace and ways of settling conflicts within the community.


Do the black-and-whites have a secret alliance too?

We'll never know, would we?


Freyia said...

Next one to join is Mr. Zurik :)

chankahyein said...

He won't be admitted UNTIL he stops terrorising Willy!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

I was just going to say, Zurik should join the group so the positive energy of friendliness will permeate its way to him. Tabby Inc is a special coalition of cats with some sort of stripe, I'm assuming.

chankahyein said...

A coalition of peaceful and friendly cats!

Norely Abd Rahman said...

In that case, none of mine would qualify to be a member.

Cindy said...

Cindy said...

From ´The Tao f Meow´ picture on above link

There ar many kinds of rulers.
The higest rule by cirtue+ their autority is invisible.
Those they rule are unaware of being ruled.
They may even believe that they are the ones who rule.

The next kind rule by love,
And those they rule praise and honor them.
The next kind rule by fear,
And those they rule become resless, agitated.
The lowest knd rule by muscle,
And those they rule wait for the moment to rebel.

By adhering to these principles,
It is relatively easy for a cat,
Who weights no more than ten or eleven pounds,
To completely rule a household of four or five HUMANs,
Getting everything he wants,
Giving almost nothing in return.

Rule by terror, and they will take you to a cat shelter.
Rule by fear, and they will give you away
To a family with children.

Rule by love, and they will brag about you,
But if you rule by virtue,
They will believe you to be the best/trained cat in the world.

Cindy said...

sorry - some spelling mistakes.
either my typing is bad, or I typed too fast and they just tripped over one another.