Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gorilla to the rescue?

My cats were quite freaked out and a bit concerned about this new animal which has entered our house.
What on earth is it, they asked.
It can't be a dog 'coz it doesn't look anything like Bobby....
And it's smaller than Tabs...yet it sure doesn't smell like a cat....
Take a look, they said.
 It's the cili padi minpin.
So while we were all abuzz trying to catch the minpin, the cats watched.
Finally, we got her and managed to force her (sorry, cili padi!) into the cage.

 And amidst all the commotion and the novelty of successfully (finally!) getting her into the cage, someone thought he should mediate....
 Good evening, sir.
(shh..it's Mr Gorilla)
He has definitely made the front lawn HIS territory now and I think he's actually trying to make friends with our cats. Look at the picture up there...
That's Cleo making friends with the Gorilla himself, in person, face-to-face.
 Suddenly, he heard a noise, and he went to investigate.
Mr Gorilla to the rescue, no worries, he seems to say.
I think I like Mr Gorilla Cat. He's a nice old chap.
 Scratch a bit...
 Cow came to peek after he went off.
Looks like Cleo is our spokeswoman in inter-gate relations.
 Off to investigate further.
 Uncle and niece consult further...what IS that new animal they brought in?
 I'll watch her, says Cow.

On the homefront

And what has been happening at home?

 Tabby Inc. share a chair.

So cute, right?

 On guard duty.

 Duty shift.

 Senior guard uses toilet.

A bit of disturbing news, though, Cow has begun spraying in Bunny's Room and I'm trying very hard to stop it. Sigh, wish me luck! Bunny hasn't started spraying yet, but if I cannot get it under control, Bunny will. Was so happy in the first 3 weeks when there was no spraying nonsense at all.

The quick white Pole jumps over the cat-grille all the time for time-out. She just needs it, but so far, she hasn't gone far and she always comes back. Yesterday afternoon, she soundlessly jumped out of the cat-grille and disappeared for about half an hour. I searched everywhere but she could not be found. Pole must be gone to town, so to speak! Then, she came back and stood at the Stargate, asking to be let in! When my husband is in, she watches TV with him.

 Been feeding Indy raw liver with the hope of alleviating his anaemic condition. But clinically, Indy seems fine to me.

And oh, yesterday, we had a visitor on the "outskirts".

It was Mr Gorilla's friend and he even looks like Mr Gorilla and comes from the same house.

He's ginger, and so maybe, we could call him Mr Ginrilla.

 That's him.

You think he's not big?

He is.

 I was so afraid he'll fall through the net. He literally cut corners when making this turn and stepped ON the netting.

 He's big, right?

 Mr Ginrilla....

 ....making his rounds.

 Everyone was on Red Alert when Mr Ginrilla appeared.

There had been several stand-offs at the Stargate between Cow (even Cleo) and Mr Gorilla. The latter comes to our front lawn and completely tramples over our little rock garden. Sobs... So, now, we've put the remaining of the Cat-Mat ON the wild orchids with the hope that it would deter Mr Gorilla from trampling on it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A new cat on the block?

We've been having many human as well as cat visitors ever since we moved in.

Well, there are Mr Gorilla, Shadow, a ginger cat (good friends with Mr Gorilla) and the Snow White Sisters (an adult version of the Blueys).

Today, we had another visitor....

 It looks like a bluepoint and it's a female. The poor little kitty was mewing quite a bit. I put some Go! kibbles out for her but she did not eat any, just kept mewing and mewing, trying to tell me something. Her voice was also very hoarse.

And while I was trying to feed this poor little kitty-visitor....

Our cats were all asleep...





Tabs (in the condo)

It took almost an hour before the poor little kitty ate the food.


 I hope she has a home and is just a-visiting. We really cannot afford to adopt another kitten.

 Cleo is the only one who is awake.

 Bunny Bun Buns

Indy and Bobby's acupuncture

Today, Dr Susanna came over for Indy and Bobby's acupuncture.

Indy is still anaemic (from the paleness of the mucus membrane), but Dr S said the animal's clinical condition is a better gauge than anything else, so since Indy appears to be fine, it should not be a cause for grave or immediate concern or worry. Indy has been behaving very normally and very "Indy-ly" ever since the last treatment. It was like an immediate total recovery for him. But this time, we are not taking chances, so we're going to do the acupuncture treatments for him for a longer period. Anaemia could also be related to some kidney dysfunction, so this could be the cause of Indy's paleness.

 Bobby asleep with the 16 needles in him. You cannot see the needles as they are the same colour as his fur!

Bobby will need more acupuncture treatments, probably on a long term basis.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pole news for the day

This morning, Pole made no attempt at all to get up on the gutter-ledge. Has she already conceded defeat??

Instead, today's mission is to "gazelle" over the cat-grille, to explore the rest of the house.

 It looks like she only wanted to explore the rest of the house, so she went upstairs and downstairs, on a self-guided tour.

After about half an hour, she started calling (for help?) from the foyer. I carried her back into Bunny's Room only to have her gazelle over the cat-grille again!

So I let her explore and later, she went inside the storeroom and I thought maybe she would feel more secure in there, so I closed the door, turned on the lights and left her inside, thinking after exploring she would call her help again, and I'll take her out.

Meanwhile, Indy filed a full-fledged complaint against our discriminatory practice of allowing Pole a self-guided tour of the outside while he was not allowed to come out. Indy has been complaining for a few days now. But I'm not sure if he just wants to come out and he wants me inside the room with him, because when I'm inside, his complaining stops.

 Today, Cleo has been behaving strangely. She has been gazing at the sky, waiting for the mothership. I think she would be the next escape artist, only consolation is that she isn't as light or agile as the mousedeer (Pole).

 It's NOT fair!! I want out too!!

 Pole has been quiet for the last 2 hours so far.

We peeped in and she's happily settled on a cushion on the storeroom shelf. I opened the door, and she wasn't even interested in coming out. Hopefully, this is where she wants to be (the storeroom!). Our storeroom door is louvred so it's properly ventilated.

Pole, being Pole, just wants to be away from everyone else. She wants her own private space where no one can disturb her peace.

We checked again and she's still very contented inside the storeroom.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Pole Show, prickly cat-mats and the shadow of Shadow

This morning, Pole's in-built mechanism was at work, so she tries again...



 She walks the entire length, looking for possible loopholes.

 While our Houdini-Girl was doing her job, I had to do mine - yes, my janitor's job of cleaning cat toilets.

 Husband had put some prickly wires here yesterday. It seemed to work as a deterrent of sorts.

 Would you believe she was up there for TWO hours, never giving up.

 She even had a stand-off with Shadow, the neighbour's black cat, shielded by the tinted polycarbonate. It was just growling and hissing on both sides. No direct contact and no one got hurt physically. Ego-wise, I'm not sure.


 Okay Pole, we know the gutter-ledge belongs to you. No one else is interested in it, anyway.

 Poor Pole, I think she just wants to see the "outside world".





 Alright Pole, time for the prickly cat-mat to go up.

 Cow watches.

 Pole goes Shadow-hunting while husband fixes the prickly cat-mat.

That's your own reflection, Pole.

 A bit hard to nail it down, because of the studs!

 Shadow looms above...

 Er...it's done. Doesn't look too secure, but never mind. We'll just try our luck.


 Come on down, Pole.

 Husband claims "victory" for this morning's round.

Poor Pole...she's never quite "lost" before, so some comforting is in order to cajole the broken spirit.

 Cow observes what has been done.

The elderly one is "all-knowing".

We think Pole wants a view, that's why she keeps escaping, so we gave her a view of the outside world today.

Cow spent four hours sleeping by the condo just now....awww, keeping his sister company, until we pushed the condo back to the shade when it got a bit too hot.