Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breakfast for Willy and friends

This morning Mr Zurik was back whining again at the patio.

Someone else was whining too. It was Heidi.

Last night, my husband sent her out to the patio. So she didn't get to spend the night in the kitchen.

Her dreams of being the "kitchen cat" has not been approved because my husband said her presence in the house was causing stress to Tabs.

Actually, I think Indy is the one who is stressed.

Indy finds things to be stressed about.

It also doesn't help that my laptop has been in and out of the workshop for so many times now (and it's within 6 months of purchase (!), so I have been spending time out of the room, using another computer (the inside cats will interpret this as "spending time with the patio cats", they won't want to know about whose computer I am using)).



Everyone was here...


Hold it...where is Vincent?

mini-CIMG7891 mini-CIMG7893

The diva wanted to eat up here. Well, divas will be divas.


Willy's ID container was cast out here. Okay, message received. Everyone is just too hungry. But hey, it's only 7am in the morning.


Willy is fine and has a robust appetite.

And I should put a note here (many thanks to the reader who left a comment and alerted me) that it was a mistake to put food out for Willy yesterday when he wasn't fully awake yet. It could have caused choking and even death. My mistake. Apologies, everyone.

I have put in a note in the post too: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/07/22/willy-is-home/. Thank you very much, Nicole, for alerting me to this fact. Luckily I was monitoring Willy all night, sitting next to his cage and luckily, nothing untoward happened. Luckily!!

So, where was Vincent?

From the distance, I heard the sound of cat whining.

Oh oh...where is Vincent and is he picking a fight with someone?

I went out to look for him...


There he is!

He was whining at this bushy ginger-white cat.


Mr Zurik and Heidi followed.


I broke up the verbal fight and carried Vincent back home.


You eat here, Vincent, at your pillar spot.


I went to get food and found Mr G..."cleaning up".

I think Timmy deserves a big pat on his back for not "cleaning up"! His 20% diet is on track, well, with the occasional slips (indulgences) once in a while. I'm not going to weigh him until way past one month. Let's give him some time to lose weight.

Also, am happy too that the 10% diet at Bunny's Place is also on track. Now, for breakfast, the seven of them only need 4 cans of Monge, not 6 or 7 as before. I reduced it to 5 cans, and now, even 4 cans is enough. *Applause*, yes?

I'm waiting for Primal as well as Merrick (for the kibbles).


So, Vincent ate at his pillar spot.


Mr Zurik is only afraid of my husband. When he sees him, he runs.

mini-CIMG7909 mini-CIMG7910

It appears that Willy is feeling great.

He is active this morning. Actively making noise, that is.

mini-CIMG7911 mini-CIMG7912

I know, even with the comforts of Jojo's Healing Haven, no cat likes to be confined.


See the nice little V-notch on his ear?

Big enough to be visible from afar.

(By the way, have you posted your message or request to YB Wong Chen? Please lend your voice to our cause. We cannot do this alone. They need to know that the rakyat wants better treatment for the street animals: http://myanimalcare.org/2013/07/22/calling-p104-subang-jaya-kelana-jaya-seri-setia-voters-residents-and-animal-lovers-please-speak-up-now/. We cannot have a bigger voice without yours.)


I think it should be okay to release Willy by this afternoon.


Good ol' Timmy Boy, he keeps Willy company.

Cats are like people. Some of them are just so naturally nice.


And some are....well, persistent in their ways.


 And some just live life as it is.

Come-what-may, life goes on.


Cindy said...

I love Mr. G, especially this photo (the last one). He looks like a lion

Chen said...

OMG! Mr. G looks like a prize-winning cat minus pro grooming and hair treatment. Send him for a full day cat spa and add a bling on him, he can go for cat shows!

Liza said...

More photos of Mr G please. I love Mr G since the first day you wrote about him..