Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The task of feeding Willy

I was a little late this morning and the morning started with Mr Zurik and Vincent locking horns at the patio. But I managed to quickly defuse the situation and everyone was happily eating within minutes.

Then I went outside to look for Willy.

Husband was at the playgound doing his taiqi and he indicated that Mr Zurik had come and Willy had fled.

Poor Willy...

I called, waited, shook the kibble jar....there was no Willy.


I went across the road to the playground, called, waited and shook the kibble jar.


After what seemed a long time, my husband pointed towards the houses. Willy was running towards me! I didn't have my camera with me at that time, so there are no photos of Willy.

But by then, Mr Zurik had come out and was following me. Either he is so grateful that he wants to be my bodyguard (which I doubt) OR he is just bent on terrorising poor Willy.


Willy stopped here. I laid out his bowl of food, but he didn't dare approach the food. Mr Zurik was across the road, "miles away", but that did not stop Willy from being traumatised by the mere sight of him. Sigh...

I chased Mr Zurik off, but he was adamant. He kept coming back.

Thus, started the merry-go-round of me trying to feed Willy, Willy running away from Mr Zurik, me shoo-ing Mr Zurik away, and Mr Zurik coming back to terrorise Willy.

Willy decided it was too risky, so he ran off.


Soon, I heard the sound of cat-fight and from the distance, I saw Ivy (the black-and-white pavilion cat) chasing Willy.

The cat-fight stopped and Willy was seen running away from the pavilion. Poor Willy....looks like he isn't welcomed at the pavilion as well. That's Ivy's territory.


Ivy went back to her pavilion.


Willy took a big round around the playground.


And soon came back to our house, only to be frightened off by Mr Zurik...


...who was calmly sitting here at the dustbin platform, despite being chased away TWICE by my husband.

We don't know when he came back, but he did.

Willy must have fled into the drain. I called, but he refused to come out.


Vincent was watching the whole episode from the neighbour's drain.


Mr Zurik, why don't you just go home?

I had fed him FIVE rounds already, just to pacify him. Two rounds at the patio, three rounds at Willy's breakfast spot.

I waited for Willy...


Willy did not come.

mini-CIMG7314 mini-CIMG7319

Tsk, no luck, Ginger.

Your little orange friend is too scared.


 Over at the pantry, Indy is stalking someone on the roof.

I went out again to look for Willy after 45 minutes, hoping he might come. By then, Mr Zurik was gone, the food was eaten (probably by Mr Zurik, I'm sure).


I went to the playground and there was just this pedigree bushy-tailed cat lounging at the play area. I called for Willy, but he was nowhere to be found.


Here's what we think: Willy has probably found a home (or adopted one) on this road, which lies perpendicular to ours. He has been seen coming from this direction a few times. I hope our conjecture is correct because Mr Zurik is making it very hard for me to feed Willy now.

I hope Willy has found a home and is happy. He doesn't seem hungry these days too.

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