Friday, July 19, 2013

The Patio Family - full membership!

This morning there was the usual whining by Mr Zurik. I'm still trying to figure out why he whines as I'm worried it would disturb the neighbours.


Here are 7 members of the Patio Family.


Heidi is here too.


And Willy too.

As I prepare everyone's food, Willy waits patiently for his. He knows he gets it last as I have to feed him his medications before giving him his breakfast. He is patient and is not desperate. Well-trained?


His medication was wrapped in Natural Balance today, for a change of taste and I'm also slowly weaning him back to regular food. Yesterday, he already had some kibbles and he was okay. No diarrhoea.


Heidi eats with Mr Zurik. Actually, Mr Zurik was going to antagonise her, so I quickly gave the Russian some food.


Willy's Happy Bum Gel.

I managed to catch a glimpse of his scrotum this morning and it looked good. The vet says the fur should grow back first before we can consider getting him neutered.


Heidi and Rosie.

Heidi is starting to growl at the other cats now. Well, a cat has to defend herself, right?


It's easier to pacify and control Mr Zurik when he is hungry. Food does the trick.


Heidi advances towards the patio door.


Hi Willy, how are you?


And she goes right into the house.


I gave her a mixture of wetfood and kibbles this morning while she was at the patio. She only ate up all the wetfood and left the kibbles untouched. I have changed a different brand (Hill's Science) but she did not touch this as well.


I know she is probably hungry, so I offered some wetfood again in the kitchen.

She finished it all.


We want to know what is going on!


Live and let live. 

Yes, keep it simple and it will be simple. Only fools make life complicated.


 Willy has been whining softly all morning. Poor little guy.

I know it must be SO boring being confined in the cage and away from sunshine.

Just one more day, Willy. Tomorrow morning will be his last dose.

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