Saturday, July 20, 2013

Zurik and his "cari pasal" adventures...again!

This morning was no different. Mr Zurik came to "cari pasal" again...

He was at the patio with everyone else, had his breakfast and all. But Vincent wasn't around.

Vincent came later and Mr Zurik started antagonising him. That made Vincent upset and he refused to eat. So I had to lure Vincent out to the porch to his pillar spot.

Just as Vincent started eating...


Mr Zurik came back to antagonise him.


I had to shoo him off.


But he is persistent.


Daffodil sat with Vincent.

You've got to give it to this little matriarch. She knows what she must do as an "elder".


I must have chased Mr Zurik off at least five times today, just so that Vincent could eat most of his breakfast.

mini-CIMG7714 mini-CIMG7715

Daffodil helped.

mini-CIMG7716 mini-CIMG7719

Mr G watched too.

I guess everyone sympathised with our hardworking stormtrooper. He already works so hard, let him eat in peace, please, they all pleaded with Mr Zurik.


Timmy, Timmy, Timmy....ever so happy-go-lucky!


Here comes the Russian again...


Meanwhile Heidi was in the kitchen.


She has her wetfood breakfast.

mini-CIMG7727 mini-CIMG7728

Of course Indy isn't happy.


 We haven't figured out where Heidi comes from yet, but it sure looks like she is a regular guest twice a day!

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