Monday, July 15, 2013

Who is chasing Snow White?

Snow White has been coming around to watch the patio folks...on the neighbour's roof and that is not a good thing.

This morning, I heard a very loud continuous sound on the neighbour's roof. It was the sound of something running on the roof.


It was Snow White and she was running away from someone...


Oh no! Ginger, is that you?

Yes, it was Ginger and he was all fluffed up.

I tried to get Ginger down but he was bent on chasing Snow White away.

By the way, Snow White's owner hasn't got her spayed yet. From that time until now, I think she has had two more litters.  Now, she is pregnant again.


Finally, Ginger came back and I had half a mind to cage him up just to prevent him from going onto the neighbour's roof again.



You know the cute thing about the cats (and I mean, all of them, including Mr G)? When they jump down from the dustbin platform, they MUST walk on the railway tracks. They don't touch the grass. I wonder why...

But on a serious note, I must try to prevent Ginger from going onto the neighbour's roof, especially to chase Snow White.

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Alicia said...

I don't think cats are the only ones who walk along tracks, my rabbit does that too.

She would walk along the pebbled slabs (there's only 4) or sit on them, eating the grass around it. My guess is they don't like the texture of the grass.