Sunday, September 30, 2012

We LOVE Monge....!!

Today, at the Cutie Pet Fair, Canine Caviar introduced their new range of canned food for cats. The brand is Monge and it retails at RM3.80 per 80 g can. For this weekend's fair, it's buy 5, get 1 free.

Of course I had to try it for my cats and Andy Lew was very kind to give me some samples.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves...

 Everyone was VERY excited when they saw the new food.

 Oh yippee! Mum bought us new food!

The gang could barely wait. Everyone marched out to the pantry.

 This is what it looks like. It doesn't contain any jelly. Only broth.

Yummy looking?

You bet...!

 We're waiting patiently....please hurry up! And don't keep taking photos, please, WE ARE HUNGRY. You've left us since morning. WE ARE VERY H-U-N-G-R-Y!! 

 Tiger, Pole and Tabs could not wait any longer and helped themselves to the new food even as I was scooping it out.

 It smells REAL good.

 Four feline testimonies.

 Another three more.

100% unanimous votes. The contract is sealed.

After Round One...

 More, please?

 You know I need more, right? 


 Yums, this is really, really nice. I don't think I need kibbles if I can have this....

 Tabs asking for her 3rd helping.

 Cleo finishing her 2nd helping. Cleo seldom asks for an extra helping because she's...well, the weight-conscious type.

 And Pole also threw caution to the wind and whacked up whatever left-overs she got her hands on.

The 7 happy felines polished up 5 cans...and asked for more.

I stopped at 5 cans. But yes, I'm definitely buying some more tomorrow.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We love QIUT...for a change

No child will eat the same thing over and over, and over and over, and most children need a change of taste once in a while.

The same goes for cats, especially fussy ones like these...

 But what's the problem? They appear to be eating quite happily...

 Yes, and that's only because they are eating something different.

 And what might that be?

 A change of diet and taste...

Indy was the first to announce that he didn't want to eat home-cooked food anymore and preferred kibbles. I gave in a few weeks ago, but soon realised what a grave mistake that was because after a few weeks of daily kibbles (plus canned wetfood), Indy started limping again. Oh seemed like the old mysterious illness was coming back, so I had to remove kibbles from his diet with immediate effect.

But what to feed him then? He simply refused to eat home-cooked food. I had no other choice but to give him Natural Balance wetfood. At least it's not kibbles.

When I took Indy off kibbles totally, he went on a hunger strike, but relented soon after some coaxing and coercing.

As though taking the cue from Indy, Tiger and Tabs and even Cow started getting tired of eating home-cooked food. Rather than put up with more cats on hunger strike, I just reverted to letting them go on a Natural Balance eating spree.

But too much of the same taste is boring, so I started looking for other options. I remember Dr Susanna recommending Qiut. It is pure red tuna and contains no jelly.

I managed to get a few cans and yes, they loved it!


And yes, it does make kitties happy...especially those who are picky and fussy eaters.

So now, at least I have Qiut as a "reserve" but their staple canned food is still Natural Balance. I'm slowly re-introducing home-cooked food. Bunny, Pole and Cleo faithfully still eat home-cooked and were not influenced by Indy's announcement or hunger strike. That's a consolation for me. The rest will only eat home-cooked if I alternate it with canned food.

And after 3-4 days of Natural Balance, I give them Qiut for a change and they lick the platter spotlessly clean! It's just red tuna but they totally love it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Further Furminator news!

So, after having succeeded in furminating a most willing target, Tabs, and the other not-so-willing-but-we-don't-mind-and-anyway-do-we-have-a-choice targets, namely, Indy, Tiger and Bunny, I decided to try my luck with the terrible threesome from the Cow Clan, namely Cow, Cleo and Pole (in ascending order of "difficult-to-handle").

Amongst the three, Cow would be the "easiest", so here goes...

Shh...he was sleeping.

 Hah! He took to it like duck to water. No complaints, no hissing...actually, no movement. Did he even know, I wonder...

Er, we only did one side, of course. I consider this a total success. After all, it's Cow.

 Bunny was nearby to show off his furminated coat.

 Cleo was also sleeping, so I tried my luck as well.

Slight I also only did one side of the body, but what do you know...

 She turned over to let me do the other side!

 Ok, but don't push your luck.

 Ok, your Royal Cleoness, we're done. Thank you oh-s0 much.

 Er...hello there, Pole.

Would you, by any chance...give your consent to being groomed?

 Come what may, I tried my luck.


 Hmm...slowly does it. Just a few gentle strokes.

 Heh heh...that's Pole's furminated fur!

Cathy said her cats could be bribed into being furminated, so why not?

 It's everyone's favourite treat.

I took it out from the cupboard as quietly as I could and opened the cover. Cleo, Indy, Bunny and Tabs heard the familiar sound and came towards me.

 Her Royal Poleness remain in her condo, unperturbed.

When offered, she politely refused. Three times.

You think it's so easy to buy my heart? 

 I don't mind being furminated as long as I get a treat every time. 

 The furminated two.

 What, again? 



 A happy customer.

 Another happy customer!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Furminator arrives!

I've long wanted to buy a Furminator, but didn't know how to get one until my friend, Cathy, sent me the website a few days ago. It's a cat de-shedding tool that can purportedly reduce shedding up to 90%.

A few days ago, Indy started vomiting his food and it turned out to be a case of hairball. Two days of Laxatone seemed to have addressed the problem and I was told that the Furminator could reduce hairball as well, besides making the cat shed less.  Just to sidetrack a little, I know of a case where a vet's cat died of undetected hairball problem. Hairball cannot be detected via ultrasound or X-Ray. This poor cat died and the post-mortem revealed that it was due to hairball. Scary, isn't it?

So, I ordered the Furminator on Sunday and arrived today by Skynet. Just two days.

Here is where I got it from: Cats Garden:

I ordered the one for small cat with short hair.

 What new gadget is this?

 Is it for me?

 Pole was immediately on red alert.

Calling everyone - CODE RED! CODE RED! There is an unidentified object in the room. It looks dangerous. Do not approach the object. I repeat, do not approach the object at all costs. 

I took the Furminator out of its plastic cover and before I could even pick my first victim, I mean, cat, Pole ran for her life! She probably thought it was a murder weapon.

 The first "victim" seemed to enjoy being furminated!

 Nice, eh?

 The blue furjector injects the fur out of the comb.

Next target....

 Tiger was scared and he ran off, but I cornered him....

Easy does it...

 Hmm...nice, yes?

 Don't worry, Tiger, it's harmless. I've got myself done already. It's actually very comfortable. Sure beats us having groom ourselves and getting fur all over our tongue.

Trust Tabs to always know what to say.

Who is next?

 The Bunnyphant (the least ferocious of the Cow Clan).

By now, word had got around that the unidentified object was most probably a murder weapon, so Cow had run off to hide in the rattan trunk. Pole monitored close by but kept a safe distance from the suspicious object.

I tried it on Cleo, but just one stroke, and she ran for her life.

Pole was nearby, frantically trying to protect her daughter from being attacked by the treacherous-looking weapon.

 But Bunny didn't seem to have received the red alert. Why, he even rolled over to let me do his belly.

 Some tufts of furminated Bunny fur.

 Bunny LIKES!

 This is your fur, Bunny.

 Indy's next.

 Indy was fine with it too.

 But soon, Bunny came over to pick a fight.

That's MY Furminator, not yours. Give it back!

Bunny has been on a warpath for the past week, always looking for opportunity to pick a fight, especially with poor Tabs.

I had to stop the fight before anyone got hurt, so that's all the Furminator news for now, folks.

Cow and Cleo will probably relent after a few days, I hope.


Er...that one is going to be mighty hard. But who knows?