Friday, July 5, 2013

Frontlining the Patio Family

If you remember, the vet said Mr Zurik had a bad ear mite infestation and he was "Advocated" right after he was neutered (while still under anaesthesia).


Unfortunately, I have a phobia of using spot-ons. This time, I opted for the time-tested Frontline. After all, Mr Zurik did not get any burn spot with Advocate.


So, I applied the Frontline spot-on on Timmy, Ginger and Rosie.

No struggle.


I should apply it on Daffodil too as I see her scratching quite a bit, but I know it would be a nightmare. She's still very wary of being touched by any human. I don't think I can keep her still for that few seconds. Not yet.

When Vincent comes back next, he needs it too as he's also a patio cat. The vet said ear mites infect very quickly.


 Looks like Mr Zurik only came back to eat (his medicine?).

He's gone.

Goodnight, Mr Zurik sir.

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