Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good morning, Mr Zurik...can you please come in peace?

I was up very early this morning.


I caught the Patio Family by surprise, but Mr Zurik and Mr G were already here. I have a feeling they come in at the wee hours after midnight and spend the night here. Mr G practically doesn't even go home anymore these days. He's usually sleeping under one of our cars.

Daffodil wasn't here yet. Must be at the pavilion. I think she has a group of long-time friends there.


I casually placed Mr Zurik's bowl into the cage. He walked in himself, quite comfortably. I could have closed the door, but let's take it slow, shall we?


It's Tuscan mania today!


Daffodil soon came running to the patio.

Cats have a remarkable sense of hearing and smell, don't they?


I put my right foot in, I put my right foot out...

He he...

Nope, we are NOT closing the door on Mr Zurik today.


Vincent was out in the porch.

Poor Vincent. There is thing "thing" going on between he and Mr Zurik.


So, Vincent ate at the pillar in the porch.


It was too early and Willy wasn't here yet. No sign of Heidi too.


I'll try again later when it's brighter.


A "thing" between Mr Zurik and Timmy here.

Sigh...Mr Zurik, что вы хотите.

mini-CIMG8284 mini-CIMG8285

That's Willy's place, Mr Zurik. Why don't you go on home?


At about 7am, I went out again...

Willy was across the road. I went over and as I was scooping the food out into his bowl, I heard loud meowing. It was another cat.

Where is this cat?

I looked around, there was no other cat and yet the meowing was so loud.

Then, I looked up and saw Heidi on the tree!

Oh wow, Grandma Heidi can still climb trees. She scampered down to the ground in seconds. It instantly reminded me of the poem "The Squirrel"!

Whisky, frisky, hippity hop, 
Up he goes to the tree top,
Whirly, twirly round and round,
Down he scampers to the ground!


And both had their breakfast.

mini-CIMG8290 mini-CIMG8292

Mr Zurik suddenly appeared at our gate...out of nowhere.


Heidi was on top of this tree.


Vincent started whining at Mr Zurik. I went over to shush them up and that started the neighbour's dog barking.

Oh dear! Next time I better keep quiet....

mini-CIMG8296 mini-CIMG8297 mini-CIMG8298

He just wouldn't go home. I bet he was itching to go over and disturb Willy.


Willy, Ну, погоди!


Our Stormtrooper keeps watch from his sentry post.


I watch Willy.

He is pretty slow in eating, like Heidi too.

In fact, Heidi could not finish her and I figured why...she needs water in her food.

As Willy was finishing his food, I decided to take a walk since it was still early.

By the time I came back....


Zurik had gone over to finish up all the leftovers and Willy was nowhere to be seen.

I walked another round and this time, as I came back, I saw Willy run across the road frantically with Mr Zurik in hot pursuit. Willy escaped into the drain and Mr Zurik chased the poor little guy all the way...

mini-CIMG8303 mini-CIMG8304

...and I heard the sound of cat aggression inside the drain.

Poor Willy.




Heidi came back for her "porridge".

mini-CIMG8311 mini-CIMG8309

Later, outside, I saw Mr Zurik guarding at the drain, waiting for Willy to appear.

mini-CIMG8308 mini-CIMG8307

domoy, Mr Zurik!


 Peace and goodwill to all catkind.

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