Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting ready to fetch Willy home

All afternoon, I was sending good wishes to Willy for a successful and uncomplicated surgery. Whenever any animal goes under general anaesthesia, I cannot help feeling anxious. Anything can go wrong, I know. If there is an underlying kidney or liver problem, things could go drastically wrong. And that is why I got two vets to do the physical examination on Willy's kidneys. Both said they appear to be normal. That's as much as we can do, isn't it? Then, we just pray for the best.

So by 6pm, I called the vet and YES, Willy's just been done and ready to be taken home.

I raced in to feed Bunny & Friends first....

mini-CIMG7857 mini-CIMG7858 mini-CIMG7859 mini-CIMG7860

More, please?

You see how it is that titan cats are just so different from the normal cats at the patio?

Titan cats impose a do-not-enter radius from each other. Cross it and see what happens....

mini-CIMG7861 mini-CIMG7862

And titan cats are not friendly.

Now, check out the patio cats here...



Notice Mr Zurik on the chair?


See the difference?


 I prepared Willy's room at Jojo's Healing Haven.


Madame Heidi is served her dinner of Monge. Hmm...our madame is high maintenance, isn't she?

Looks like she is not leaving the kitchen.


She growled at Ginger.

This is MY spot, don't even think of coming near!

That's an alpha cat for you.


 We want Monge too!

And after everyone had eaten, I zoomed off to fetch Willy!

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