Monday, July 29, 2013

Patchwork cotton (handmade) blankets for you, your pets and the animals!

My mum (who is 80 years old) is now making patchwork blankets to raise funds for the animals! She has made ample stock of keychains so I thought she should take a break now, but being someone who likes to keep busy, she has decided to spend her time to make patchwork blankets for us to raise funds.

We'll be selling these blankets at our events; the next of which will be the Kinrara Metta Buddhist Society's Funfair on 16th September 2013.

The blankets are hand-sewn, measuring 6ft X 4ft, made from cotton material. It is double-layered so that's suitable for our weather. Many of the pieces of cloth you see in the designs below are leftovers from our clothes, so it's in line with recycling, reusing and making good use of nature's resources.

Humans can use it as a blanket or bedspread for a single bed.

Take a look:


This batch is priced at RM50 per piece (by donation).

Updates: The next batch will be through online bidding (an "auction") as suggested by a reader. It ought to be fun!


SOLD today! (bought by Connie for her mum)


Also SOLD today! (bought by Connie for her niece)


Sold! (to Tabs & Associates!)


Sold! (to the Patio Family)


Still available! Sold! (at 10am, Monday, Jul 29th, to a reader from Johor).


 Still available!  SOLD! (at 10.50pm, Sunday, Jul 28th, to Chun Eng, for her dad!)

Or, you could buy it for your cats and dogs...


Fold it up for them...


They can use it as a comfortable, cushiony (washable) blanket to sleep on.


Cleo says, "Me likey!"



Older cats might just use it as a pillow.

It's just so versatile, you know...

Below is a patchwork blanket my mum made 30 years ago, for us.

It's actually my blanket and it has lasted and will continue to last, I'm sure.


Blanket mania!!

Buy a blanket from us to help the animals, folks!

More designs will be available soon!

Updates: There has been requests for online purchase for out-of-town readers. For postal orders, we have to charge you for postage. Let me find out how much the postage is first. Update later.


Chen said...

OMG!Respects for yr mom. It's a lot of work. I've been struggling to finish my blanket project for ages & it's made up of big squares. You should ask for RM100 at least. More complicated designs should be above RM100.

Chen said...

One blanket to pay for one neutering subsidy sounds fair.

chankahyein said...

Oh, my mum LOVES, LOVES, LOVES doing handiwork and needlework. She knits, crochets, tats, embroiders, etc. And she takes great pride in her work too! Super meticulous to perfection.

chankahyein said..., that sounds like a good idea! But are people willing to pay?

Chen said...

YES for such excellent quality! I love handiwork too but I'm lousy at it. Never turns out as planned. Or when I get a plan but cannot figure out how to execute it. Damn frust.

Syeeleo said...

Patchwork blankets and quilt covers are very very expensive, ESP hand made!

Yes, the price should be raised. I would like to order one but let me view rest of the designs.

Good to give away as presents.

chankahyein said...

Hi Syeeloo, these are patchwork and not quilts (mum can make quilts too, but I thought we don't need those in our hot weather!). Rest of the designs coming up next. Mum says she might make dog and cat applique (like the butterfly).

Chen said...

Can even have auction. Blanket goes to highest bidder. Starting price RM100. Syeeloo is right, handmade blankets are going for hundreds of RMs per piece depending on design.

Syeeleo said...

Yes, I know they are blankets and very nice too!

chankahyein said...

Oh I see...well, mum was just experimenting with these, but now, she's planning to make nicer designs with specific themes like dogs and cats. Let's see how it goes...

chankahyein said...

One more just sold!!

Cindy said...

looks quite big. I think 50RM is dirt cheap. I do handwork myself, mostly knit but I know how much work your mum puts into these blankets.

Yes. The price should be higher. It is for charity after all. Think too about the costs on materials. Right now perhaps she has free scraps, later she might have to buy.

Definately higher price.


Cindy said...

perhaps you mom could make smaller ones for children and babies?

If I get the chance to go home end this year, I would stop by and see if I can buy one or two for my family in Malaysia.


chankahyein said...

We thought of selling at only RM30 initially...ha ha.

melle said...

Yes, I agree price should be higher- RM 100 and above. i do embroidery and it took me a week plus strain on my shoulders, back and eyes to complete embroidering kids tshirt. i would love to see a rainbow- colour theme blanket. Can't wait to see dog / cat applique blankets from your mum. :D

chankahyein said...

Ok, then the next batch, maybe we price them higher. Thanks!

Chen said...

Homemade cotton patchwork blankets are such strong symbols of love, security and home that I encourage Animalcare to use this symbolically to solicit funds to give street animals some shelter and protection too.

chankahyein said...

Yes! Please help in the promotional aspects?

Chen said...

Eh ... it takes a lot of time to finish a blanket. So put up pic ONE piece when its done and call for donation for that piece only. The donation call for that piece ends when yr mom has finished the next piece. Then the new piece goes on donation after the earlier one has found a home. Something like that? Maybe even a tag line like "Just as each blanket needs a home and a bed, so does a street animal needs protection and care" Or something like that.

Chen said...

Plus I think it will thrill your mom to bits when each of her creations find a loving home.

chankahyein said...

Cool!!! Great idea!!

jasmine ong said...

These quality hand-made patchwork blankets are so pretty and you should sell them for more! RM50 is really too cheap. I especially love the pink one (pic no. 4):)

I will buy one but I will wait for your new "Go Meatless Once A Week" T-shirt to come out. I will then place my order for few T-shirts and you may then deliver them together, to me in Malacca. I will contact you again via your email with the details, shipment and payment.

Thank you.

warm regards,

P/S ~ Please tell your mum that I think she's awesome!!! I really respect her.

chankahyein said...

Will certainly tell her, and thank you so much!

chankahyein said...

Mum says she will try and make a pink one for you, if she can find the cloth. Or something similar.

Billy Tan said...

Hats off to your mom! But I think... RM50 is too little to ask for such a painstaking labour intensive piece of artwork. RM100 would have been more appropriate. Next batch perhaps.

chankahyein said...

We'll try Chen's auction piece-by-piece idea when mum produces the next piece! Let's see how it goes. Thanks!

jasmine ong said...

Dear Sis. Kah Yein,

Please tell your mum don't trouble herself to make another pink one just for me. I do not mind any other designs or colours. Any price you ask for is fine with me too. These quality patchwork blankets are truly beautiful labour of love.

I will wait for your "meatless" T-shirts to arrive so that you can send them to me, together. Please let me know the postage charges as well. Thanks!

warm regards,

chankahyein said...

No trouble at all, she might just make something even nicer for you! Thank you for your support!

irene said...

Helo Dr Chan :)

i would love to buy those blankets as well! no. 1 and rush though..these patchworks do take lotsa time..rm50 is really affordable..surely can raise lots once u put on fb..huhu

chankahyein said...

Hi Irene, Thank you very much for your support. However, we've sold out for now. Please wait for the new batch. Will announce on the blog when ready!

irene said...

no problem :)

Chee Ching said...

Hi, went to metta funfairs this morning and couldn't find your store selling the blanket. Are you still selling, im interested and would like to buy for my son. Can I make order?

chankahyein said...

Dear Chee Ching, We were right there at the entrance. The blankets are sold at our online auctions. Please look out for the next one when it comes out on the blog. We auction off the blankets to the highest bidder. There is no fixed price. It's all for fundraising.

gleng said...

Dear Sis Kah Yein, i love those blankets & i have been using patchwork blanket since i was young.
I would like to order one from you and hope you can touch base with me.

I really respect your mum & wish her healthy n fit forever.

Best regards

chankahyein said...

Dear GLeng,

We have one up for auction right now.

You can bid for it, if you like. All our blankets are put up for auction for the purpose of fundraising.

Thank you!