Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tiger to the rescue again!!


Just this afternoon, we witnessed Tiger standing in between the two warring black-and-whites, Cow and Indy, and stopping a fight.

Was that just a coincidence?

I verify: NO, it was NOT a coincidence.

Take a look at what happened just now....


Cow was relaxing, minding his own business.


Soon, Indy came along and for no apparent reason, started growling at Cow.


The moment the growling started. Tiger jumps down from the shelf.


Tiger stands on the table and intervenes.

No words were spoken. It was all by telepathy.


Now, stop it, you two.

Indy looks away, ashamed that he should attack his senior.


Good boy, Tiger!!

You successfully stopped another fight!


Cleo is just observing from a safe place.


Indy settles down and is calm.




 All is calm...for now.


On hindsight, I do suspect that the increased aggression is because I found remnants of some Tulipspet, the Instant Odour Eliminator, and used it on the door (Indy's favourite spray surface). Then, Cow also started spraying on it. And all this happened only this afternoon.

It started the War of the Scent?

Tsk..eliminating the scent of an alpha will NOT solve the spraying problem, I know. They spray because of the absence of their scent. That is why I can wipe 20 times a day and Indy will spray the moment his urine is wiped off.

By the way, the whole polycarbonate has dropped off because Indy has mastered the art of spraying HIGHER than the polycarbonate and the urine seeps into the double-sided tape and between the polycarbonate and the wooden door until finally the adhesive was totally "washed away" by the urine (I know, yucks!) and the polycarbonate fell off by itself. We replaced the double-sided tape only to have Indy "remove" it through the same method again (by spraying higher than the polycarbonate). Sigh...

Alphas will be alphas and this is the way alpha-cats are.

So, to visitors who complain that the room smells of cat, I don't deny that it does (though I cannot smell it...ha ha, lucky me!), but they live here and they are entitled to live their lives the way they want. After all, folks, cats rule, you know... There's just so much that this human can do...


Chen said...

Good boy, Tiger!

By the way, have I mentioned before that Cow's black spots look like koi patterns to me? They really do. The markings look like the ones you find on the black and white kois. And when he does the appropriately named fish pose - it looks like a cat trying to disguise himself as a koi fish.

chankahyein said...

LOL!!! Cow the Fish!!

Yen Ling said...

How about a stainless steel door?

chankahyein said...

With the inferior quality of stainless steel these days, the urine will corrode it in no time. Also it would look awful. Was thinking of glass.

Chen said...

Or this tough screen door: Doors&show=0. Positive points is that it allows flow of air and prevents mosquitoes too. And if the door is porous, maybe cats won't find it so fun to spray. Plus you can hose down the door everyday, to prevent accumulation of whatever. It's cost you about 5K.

Chen said...

Err ... maybe less than 5K.

Chen said... Doors&show=0

Chen said...

Sorry the website link does not copy and paste properly. Anyway, it suppose to be marine grade steel too.

chankahyein said...

Thanks, everyone. If porous, no can do because he will still spray and it will hit the laminated doors of the wardrobe and the lamination is already warping as it is now. Sobs... If it warps too badly, I might have to consider glass wardrobe doors next. They spray on the laminated doors too, but not so badly. I don't know why Indy hates (or loves?) the door so much. Maybe it's because coming to the door, he sees Timmy and Vincent. So he HAS to spray to get the message across ("I'm ze boss!").