Friday, June 27, 2014

No sign of Timmy

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for all your words of comfort and for being with us ever since Timmy disappeared without a trace two days ago. There is still no sign of Timmy this morning and no one has seen him at all.

After having done all that I can now, I'm inclined to believe that perhaps he has a home, which I never knew about. Perhaps his owner has taken him in or brought him back to the kampung (or something like that). This is based on an almost exact experience with Willy previously. Also, Mr G has a home too, but used to spend all his time at our patio, hardly ever going home. Passers-by thought he was our cat. But now, he seldom comes anymore (ever since I stopped feeding since his owner told me Mr G was getting fat). He is back at home, which is just nearby.

Timmy is so round and big; I think perhaps he had been getting full meals from our house as well as his own house. And we all know he just loves to eat.

I'm comforted that the two psychics say "Timmy will come home", which I take to mean that as of yesterday, Timmy is safe, wherever he is. Both psychics were very positive about this too.

I have to draw comfort from this or else I'd go berserk and life cannot go on.

Life has to go on, so I will just wait for the day where I might see Timmy again. Meanwhile, I'll still be hoping to find Timmy sitting on the patio chair soon and each time someone whines out in the patio, I still rush out to check if it's Timmy whining at Mr Zurik (but so far, it's not Timmy's voice). The side door grille has rattled a few times, but it was Ginger coming through, not Timmy.

Timmy, wherever you are, be safe and happy, do your "happy days" stunts often (!), and do visit us again when you can.

Dawn is breaking and the birds are chirping to welcome a new day.

We will be at Pet World today, from 10am until closing (expected to be 9.30pm). Hope to see you there.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Maybe Timmy has "balik kampung"?

It seems probable now that since Timmy's disappearance was exactly in the same way as Willy's, it's possible that Timmy actually has a home but seldom goes home. In that case, Timmy has an owner and now the owner has taken him to "balik kampung" for "buka puasa".

Bunny and Tiger used to chill out at my neighbour's house in our old neighbourhood, especially during those days when I was fostering kittens in and out. They didn't like the crowd at home, so the two of them spent hours in the neighbour's house - they were friends with her cats and she fed them too. Tiger used to spend the entire afternoon there but would return for meals.

So, maybe that's how Timmy treated our house as well - a good place to chill out in (patio with a fan, a spacious porch, good food) and maybe that's why he is so big? He eats at our house, and he eats again at home. I know I don't overfeed Timmy so how did he become so big? He has four meals a day?

Makes sense, doesn't it?

In any case, with this new possibility, I've stopped crying already. I've already done everything I can to locate Timmy, there is nothing more I can do now except to hope the above theory is right and that Timmy is safe. In any case, the psychics' "visions" are comforting - Timmy is alright.

dinner for 5

Early dinner for five as we are going to set up our booth at Pet World soon.

Mr Zurik will come later.

But I sure miss the sound of the grille of the side door crashing - it always means Timmy has come in. He's so big and clumsy, he always crashes through the grille.

Now, all is quiet. sign of Timmy

This morning, I managed to contact two psychics and both said Timmy "will come home". That's comforting to know....

I think psychics see the unseen world differently from us and we will never quite understand how they see what they see, but I choose to take comfort in assuming that if they feel Timmy "will come home", it means Timmy is safe and sound, wherever he is.

Perhaps psychics are empaths. They can feel. So it is based on feelings that they tell you what they think will happen.

I'm holding on to this for comfort and hope.

I rushed home after work today, hoping to see Timmy under the car in the porch or at the patio, but no, there is still no sign of Timmy.

Ginger probably knows I'm upset so he has been trying very hard to "help" by accompanying me everywhere and he stays inside the house right outside my room. He has not been to his rooftop missing is enough, sigh.

Yesterday my husband said luckily we had chosen to build Bunny's Place and kept our 7 cats indoors and confined. But here's the thing - in our previous house, we hadn't planned on keeping cats at all, so that house wasn't built to keep cats. It was by chance that I did my first rescue of Cow, Bunny and Pole, and the rest is history. So all the cats were free roaming and that wasn't ideal. So, people said we should confine the cats.

And that is why when we moved here, we had this place specially built to bring over our 7 cats and they would be confined. Then people said that's not good too as cats are meant to be free and not confined. "It is like being in jail", they said.

Well, even if it is, I think it's a pretty nice "jail", because they have a room (with a fan and air cont), a pantry (with a fan) and a garden (with grass and sunshine, wooden shelves, scratching posts, etc.); they are not caged. There is more room in Bunny's Place than some apartments in Hong Kong, really.

And people said our outdoor cats are better off than our indoor cats.

Which goes to show that we can never do anything perfectly in life.

We can only do our best, with the best of intentions, as far as our resources allow.

I pray Timmy is safe and will return home soon.

Yesterday, I even asked my friend to check her car, in case Timmy had sneaked into her car when she came to fetch me to go to the vet's (a far-fetched possibility, almost crazy, but we have already done that), and today, I sent Timmy's photo to the clinic in case that really happened and Timmy had sneaked out from the car when we were at the clinic. Totally and completely far-fetched, I know. Then, I've already searched every cupboard in the house, the garbage compartment, the store room - no sign of Timmy anywhere.

Meanwhile, there are things to be done.

1. Pet World starts tomorrow. I have to start packing our stuff now.

2. Grey mum, Katherine, may be adopted from the clinic, if all turns out well.

3. Pregnant mum from Penang is being adopted today.


Hang on, hang the fasting month starting soon? Maybe like Willy, Timmy has been taken back to his kampung for the fasting month? That's what happened to Willy - He disappeared for 10 days during Hari Raya. Then he came back. Maybe Timmy has an owner and the owner has taken him back?

That must be it! Previously, in our old neighbourhood, Bunny and Tiger used to "lepak" at my cat-loving neighbour's house all afternoon. You'd think Bunny and Tiger lived there.... They were even friends with her cats and chilled out on her carpet, ate her food, etc.

Maybe Timmy has an owner and his owner has taken him back to the kampung for "buka puasa"??

Timmy's disappearance is as mysterious as Willy's previously and Willy disappeared because he "balik kampung". I hope that's the case with Timmy too...

The patio chair is still empty

I came downstairs several times in the middle of the night and the patio chair was empty each time. I think I had several dreams in between too and it was all about Timmy coming home. The dreams seemed so real and I woke myself up in the dream to check if I had just been dreaming or it was real and it felt real. A dream within a dream. Recurring dreams. All about Timmy coming home.

Dreams are so strange. It's probably our unconscious or subconscious state at work.

Yesterday I had already contacted the animal communicator to ask if she could help, but there was no response. Not leaving any stone unturned, I can only console myself that I've exhausted all efforts, and done about everything I could have done, without delay.

This morning I came down before 6am, expecting and hoping to see Timmy on his favourite patio chair, but no, he wasn't there.

Ginger was in the house, as usual.

We both went out to look for Timmy.

I found Rosie and Daffodil at the playground, under the street lamp.

As I was searching at the playground, Vincent came to join me. Heidi must be still sleeping as she comes out later. Mr Zurik is probably still at home and hasn't made his "journey" to our house.

There was no sign of Timmy at all.

It's isn't easy at all to catch Timmy. Even we have difficulty in catching him. He is very elusive and he is not at all "manja" so he does not crave for human's attention. He just loves to eat. So, the idea that someone could have caught him doesn't seem probable.  He doesn't even trust people easily and that is why he doesn't quite like us catching him although I can catch and carry him.

When we found him missing yesterday afternoon (after I came back from visiting the Ginger family), my first thought was how Timmy had mysteriously "fell from the sky" ala Mr Bean more than a year ago. It sure seemed that way as I had found him right smack in the middle of the road, crying, right in front of my house. Where did he come from? It was like how Mr Bean came to earth - at least, it seemed that way.

Beamed down from the sky? Then we spun stories about Timmy being an alien cat because he lived in the Tardises (the blue dustbins) before he came to us and became a patio cat. And he has been a patio cat ever since.

In fact, of all the 7 of them, I'm the least worried about Timmy because Timmy never wanders out. I have never seen him in anyone's house. The only time he goes to the playground would be to watch the birds and that's not even often. He is always in our porch.


Breakfast this morning was so, so incredibly quiet. It's so not the same without Timmy.

His red litter box is empty.

I know this sounds so silly, but if Timmy had been beamed down ala Mr Bean and if he is meant to be beamed up ala Mr Bean, then I want to thank Timmy for all the delightful, wonderful and Timmy-ful episodes he had given us. As mysteriously he had come, mysteriously he disappears now. Some things in life cannot be explained.

If Timmy is meant to come back, then please come back real soon.

Or if by chance, someone has adopted Timmy, then please look after him well, feed him well and keep him well always.

I don't know what else I can do already - already asked neighbours, posters are up, scoured the area, tried to contact the communicator (but no response), sent email alert to neighbourhood, asked friends, sent photo to PAWS and SPCA, checked at the pound. Yesterday, my husband had already scoured every road in our area. Timmy has never wandered far, but still we've searched and covered every single road already.

I have visualised the road home for Timmy and sent him loving thoughts. I'm still visualising the road home for Timmy now. That's all I had been doing since yesterday.

Dawn is breaking now and the birds are chirping at the playground. Timmy loves to watch the birds.

I've been holding up since yesterday but I think I need a good cry now.

7am: I spoke to Mukda and she said she saw Timmy yesterday morning in front of our gate doing his "happy days" stunt. Yes, Timmy was here yesterday morning. And Mukda said her own cat recently disappeared for two days and came back hungry. After two days. I know Pole disappeared for 4-5 days in our old neighbourhood and came back hungry and crying too. But Wolf disappeared and never came back. Willy disappeared for more than 10 days, then came back, but for his case, I think his owner took him back to the kampung for Hari Raya.

My husband did suggest yesterday that perhaps Timmy is not happy with Mr Zurik's presence at his vegetable patch all morning yesterday and maybe Timmy went away because of that. But I doubt that because as much as Timmy would complain about Mr Zurik, he coexisted quite happily with the Russian and Timmy had always stood his ground at the patio. He was always on his patio chair. He would just sit on his chair and whine at Mr Zurik.

In any case, thank you very much, to everyone who has sent kind wishes and positive thoughts for Timmy and all of us. It really helps. Thank you.

We are waiting for Timmy to come home...

It's past midnight now. I don't know how many times I have gone out to search for Timmy and how many times I have looked out at the patio chairs hoping to see Timmy sitting there...


But the patio chair remains empty each time I looked.

Timmy doesn't go anywhere. He is not adventurous. He seldom even leaves the house compound.

It is so mysterious that he has disappeared into thin air. Even more mysterious that he hasn't turned up for his dinner.

mini-P6260072 mini-P6260073 mini-P6260065

Daffodil and Rosie are sitting on the pillars while Ginger has been accompanying me as I searched for Timmy.

mini-P6260068 mini-P6260069

Vincent sits right in front of the gate.

Everyone is always within the house compound every night. Mr Zurik goes home, of course.

It was just last night that I took the photos below, of everyone playing hide-and-seek in the porch. I hadn't even had time to blog them and now Timmy is missing.

These were last night's photos:

mini-P6240055 mini-P6240056 mini-P6240057 mini-P6240062

Heidi was playing hide-and-seek with...




 Sigh...where are you, Timmy?

Will you be back for breakfast tomorrow morning?

I hope so, Timmy. Please come home soon.

And please be safe, wherever you are now.

Timmy is still missing

It's 8.53pm now. We have searched as far and wide as we could, but there is still no sign of Timmy.

I have sent out an email alert to the neighbourhood, pasted posters at the guardhouse and alerted the patrol guard.

All the PatioCats are back except Timmy. I raised the alarm because Timmy never misses a meal. Ginger and Rosie might, Mr Zurik might not turn up occasionally, but Timmy will never miss a meal and he is always in our porch. He doesn't even wander out at all unless to occasionally watch the birds at his Tardis.

I have also sent Timmy's photo to PAWS and SPCA, in case someone surrenders him there, but the thing is, Timmy is very hard to catch. Even we have difficulty catching him. We have also checked at the local pound this afternoon. No Timmy.

It is very mysterious how Timmy could just disappear into thin air.

I hope Timmy is safe and will return soon.

Where are you, Timmy?

Timmy is missing.

When I came back from visiting the Ginger family and taking the three babies back, my husband said Timmy had not turned up for dinner.

Timmy never misses a single meal.

I have gone out searching for him since then until now, and he is nowhere to be found.

It is very strange indeed.

Timmy came mysteriously into our lives in 2012 and now, he is mysteriously gone.

I remember that Saturday when I had found him crying right in the middle of the road in front of our gate. And the rest is his colourful, Timmy-ful history...

Where are you, Timmy?

timmy 1


He almost never crosses the road and is always in our porch.

He was here at breakfast and nothing seemed amiss at that time.

All the PatioCats are here except Timmy.

Where are you, Timmy?

Please be safe, wherever you are.

Please come back soon, Timmy.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mr Zurik is at it again....

Last night, Mr Zurik started chasing Rosie again...sigh!

There was a scream in the garden and by the time I rushed out, Mr Zurik was in the porch, Daffodil had just slipped under the car and Rosie was already gone. I went out to look for Rosie but she was probably too scared to come out of hiding.

This morning, Rosie came back for breakfast at 5am!

mini-P6220051 mini-P6220052

Mum, Daffodil, groomed Rosie after breakfast.

If there is a Mother-of-the-Year award, it should go to Daffodil. You seldom find mother-cats who still look after their children after a few months off weaning. Ginger and Rosie must be about 4 years old now, or more.


With brother, Ginger.


Suddenly, Mr Zurik appeared out of nowhere...I had already shoo-ed him back to his house after breakfast but like a boomerang, he just bounces back each time.


Rosie had already disappeared...sigh.


I went out to look for Rosie...


Vincent, our faithful Jedi warrior, in at his sentry post.


Timmy is almost always in the porch.

He only goes over to the playground to watch the birds or to receive messages in his Tardis!


Doing "Happy Days" under the car, Timmy?


Rosie was actually hiding next to our car and seeing Mr Zurik, she goes out here.


хулиган, вернуться домой


The most fearless of 'em all...



She fears no one...except Willy!

And Willy fears everyone else.

And thus the world goes round and round!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friendly cats' playtime out in the garden

Tabs and Tiger are allowed playtime in the garden because they are both friendly to everyone.

mini-P6210046 mini-P6210047 mini-P6210049 mini-P6210050

Hello brother!

mini-P6210051 mini-P6210052

Me guards the bicycle. Want to ride it? 

Pay me!!

смеяться вслух


Meanwhile, inside...

mini-P6210054 mini-P6210055

This is the roof-cat who hissed at Tabs a few days ago.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Willy comes for breakfast!


Willy came for breakfast today! He just waits at the Canopy Cafe. He knows I will somehow know he is there.


Ginger keeps an eye on Willy so that Willy will be safe while eating.

We orange-coloured cats have to look out for each other.

mini-P6200043 mini-P6200044

After finishing his meal (of Primal, Monge and Merrick kibbles), Willy jumps onto the sentry post.


Heidi scratches on the car tyres.


Mr Zurik and Vincent are polishing up left-overs.

But where is Timmy???


I just let him out....!!


Rosie and Daffodil are here, their favourite place after meals. The big box is Daffodil's rain shelter.

mini-P6200050 mini-P6200051

Willy left just one kibble. He too prefers Monge and Primal.


I'm the guardian of the water bowl.

It's the hot season now....want to have a drink? Pay me first!

смеяться вслух!!!
(Translation: Laugh out Loud!!)


Little Tabs is watching all the goings-on from inside the house.


At mid-day, Timmy sleeps at the Canopy Cafe.

Willy seems to be asking back for his place from Timmy.

mini-20140620_085540 mini-P6190039

Stay home, Ginger...don't go to your rooftop plaza, please.