Monday, July 1, 2013

Vincent Starr goes on a hunger strike!

Two days ago, Vincent did not appear at the patio with everyone. When I was feeding Willy at the culvert, Vincent suddenly appeared and wanted to eat together with Willy, so I brought out a bowl and fed him there.

I didn't think anything of it then. Thought maybe he just came back late.

Yesterday, again, he did not appear at the patio for his meals. Instead, he stayed outside in the porch and I finally fed him at the pillar. He ate alone.

Again, I thought nothing of it until this morning when he appeared at the railway tracks leading to the patio but stopped there. He didn't want to join the rest.

I brought his bowl out to him but he just looked at the food and went away.


I waited for everyone to start eating.

Er...where is Timmy?


He had followed me in to ask for a bigger portion of food, I think.

But no, Timmy, that's all you are getting.


I went out to feed Willy and looked for Vincent.


By then, Timmy had finished his food and he came, help.


I went up and down the road calling for Vincent.

He was nowhere to be seen.

Sigh...I just hope he hasn't run away from home.

Vincent must have misunderstood thinking that I have let Mr Zurik joined the patio family and this was really bad timing because it was right after Vincent's own paw injury where Ginger had started bullying him.

Bad timing, bad timing!

Vincent is very close to me (and that is why Indy hates him with a vengeance). He gets to sleep on the sofa with us and he often sits with me whenever we watch television.

I guess Vincent feels that his position is being threatened and he has responded by distancing himself.

I couldn't find Vincent anywhere....


This is his pillar spot.


Life can be complicated...even for cats.


Meanwhile, everything is going well for Mr Zurik.

The recovery of his wounds is amazing. I don't even have to put iodine on it.

I have half a mind to release Mr Zurik already and take a chance on him coming back for meals. I can feed him his antibiotics then. This is so Vincent won't get the wrong idea and distance himself even further.

Or I could transfer Mr Zurik's cage elsewhere?

But where?

After half an hour...

Vincent appeared at the gate!

VINCENT!! You're back!

mini-CIMG6807 mini-CIMG6808

He ate at his pillar, but was wary of the rest watching him.

mini-CIMG6809 mini-CIMG6810

I had to shoo the rest away so that Vincent could eat in peace.

mini-CIMG6811 mini-CIMG6812

Me got no issue with anything.


Should I release Mr Zurik yet?

Maybe after 5 full days of antibiotics, which this evening. I'm betting he will definitely hang around for food so he will come back. And even if he doesn't, I know some vets prescribe a 5 day-course. I may have to take the chance. But then again, I had another intention of caging him - to tame him. Is he tame enough yet?

Mr you have your own plans too?


Joy E. Saga said...

I think give it a day or two? Maybe relocate the cage to the car porch instead so it's away from the patio? Just a suggestion...

Sandra said...

Hide him in the toilet or upstairs?

chankahyein said...

Great idea!! I have a downstairs toilet.