Monday, July 1, 2013

Willy and Mr Zurik stories


Since Mr Zurik is still at Jojo's Healing Haven, Willy enjoys total peace outside and is often seen sleeping peacefully by the drain.

This morning, I went for a walk on the road around the playground and Willy was seen everywhere at the playground. He seems to have "conquered" the entire playground. It's literally his playing field.


Daffodil and Ginger were spotted atop the car last night.


Mr Zurik is in total recuperation and seems to be making good use of Jojo's facilities for a restful time.

Little did he know that he had visitors...


I only managed to snap his picture of Igor as he and Otto were scuttling away.

They had come to the patio to visit their "boss".

I hope Igor has abandoned their plans to avenge the capture of their boss. As they can probably see, their boss is well taken care of. Why, they are most welcome to visit, anytime of the day and we'll be happy to serve them kibbles as well.


Since it's been quite boring for Mr Zurik, I let him shred newspapers every day.


I know you wish you could climb on the ledge, Mr Zurik.

Just a few more days, please. You have a course of antibiotics to finish.


He's actually been extremely good.

He finishes his food and his antibiotics (hidden in the food) every day, without any problems at all.


 I can see both his wounds are healing beautifully too.

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Joy E. Saga said...

Igor : "Don't worry Boss ... we will get you out!"
Otto : "Yes boss ... we are setting up plan C since plan B and A *cough* didn't *cough* work"

Mr. Z : "Where's Dimitri?"
Otto : "Setting up plan C boss"

Mr. Z : "And what's that?"
Igor : "Shhhhhh... not so loud! The human will hear... we will come back for you ... gotta run ... we hear footsteps!"