Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"I'll always watch over you" (from Daffodil to Ginger)

Daffodil is the epitome of a loving mum. Here are some photos taken over 2 days to show her devotion towards Ginger (whom we think is her youngest surviving child). According to Mukda, who has been feeding her for the last 10 years (unspayed), Daffodil gives birth every few months and is often seen carrying her kittens all over the neighbourhood. Some of her kitten have been run over by cars, some died. Looks like Rosie and Ginger are her only family left now.

I managed to get her spayed this year. Finally...no more unwanted births.

Her favourite child seems to be Ginger. Or maybe, he's the younger of the two. From the behaviour, we are very sure he is. Ginger is so tame and mild-mannered, unlike Rosie (who behaves like a queen, but then again, don't all Calicos? Ask Cleo...!).


We see this VERY often, almost on a daily basis.

Ginger would come to Daffodil, lie next to her and she will groom him.

To us, it's rare, because our titans observe a 1 metre radius from each other and are such...titans!

Pole has never groomed Cleo (mother-and-daughter). Cow and Bunny fight (brothers). Cleo attacks Cow (niece attacks uncle). And they are all family!


My boy!


Ginger was so afraid this morning when Mr Zurik came growling at no one in particular.

He ran back towards the porch.


 And Daffodil protects him.

I think you also remember that two weeks ago, when Mr Zurik growled at Ginger, Daffodil confronted him alone. She wasn't afraid even though she is so much smaller than Mr Zurik.

Mother of the Year!!

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Joy E. Saga said...

Ginger has his mommy's eyes :D