Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heidi, what's your story?

I guess we will never know, just as we'll never know Willy's story too. My initial supposition that Willy had come from the same house as Vincent could be wrong. He's just too scared of people to have been a former pet. Yet, He's always hung around that same house that Vincent came from.

Now, about Heidi...what is her story?

Based on her behaviour and the patterns we've seen, I think:

1. She is definitely a pet or a former pet. She is very confident and is not afraid of humans.

2. I don't think anyone is feeding her, because whenever she comes, she is always very hungry and asks for 2-3 helpings.

3. She only eats wetfood and doesn't touch a single kibble. Now, why? Her teeth appear to be very tiny, which probably indicates she is quite young.

4. She appears to be pregnant though I am not sure.

5. She appears twice a day where she comes for food, makes herself right at home inside the house, then disappears later. But where to? We've only tracked her to the playground where she just hangs around, not going anywhere in particular. Maybe she hangs out at the playground and comes here for food?

6. She was very friendly when she first came, but now can defend herself by growling at the other cats.

Heidi came this evening.


She was very well-mannered in that she did not disturb me while I was watching tv, but waited until I saw her waiting for me. I gave her food in the kitchen and went back to watching tv. After half an hour, I went into the kitchen only to find her waiting for me patiently to give her some more food.


All in all, she finished 3/4 can of Natural Balance. That's a lot of food for a small cat like her.

mini-CIMG7770 mini-CIMG7771

I suppose the next step is to take her to the vet's and see if the vet can tell whether she is pregnant or not. I'll have to settle Willy first.


She's making herself comfortable for now.

My guess is that Heidi is an abandoned pet. But I certainly hope I am wrong.


Syeeleo said...

O, she is so sweet.....does seem to be an abandon cat.. Colour same as my Pebble but my Peb is skinny as he is a No. 1 fussy eater

Yen Ling said...

She is a beauty!