Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tiger's 3rd acupuncture session

Dr Susanna came for Tiger's 3rd session today.

This time, the "bribe" was a cocktail sausage soup.  Tiger wasn't too interested, though, since he doesn't eat any meat except fish.

Dr Susanna says Tiger's pulse has improved very much.

Sweet-talking Tiger while the needles were being inserted.

One needle into the top of the head this time.

In the first treatment, Tiger was so frightened, most of the needles came out as his body was too tensed.  The second treatment, some came out too.  Today, all the needles remained throughout the 20 minute period.

You're such a good boy, Tiger!

Judging from how he is in the next few days, Dr Susanna says Tiger can have a break from acupuncture for a few weeks until such a time if I see a need for it again.

I am really very thankful to Dr Susanna for helping to rebalance Tiger's constituents through acupuncture so that he not only healed and can walk and run on all fours now, but has better appetite and confidence too.  I continue to be amazed watching Tiger heal day by day ever since the first treatment. 

I am very happy and proud to recommend Dr Susanna to anyone who wishes to try alternative therapy for their pets, especially in cases where western medicine cannot help.  There is nothing to lose if you just try.   

Suki checks out Dr Susanna things to make sure everything's in order...she stamps her approval too!

And since Tiger didn't want the "bribe", guess who benefited at the end of the session? 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bobby's new look!

I had been far too busy to groom Bobby for the last two weeks and decided that I should let my friend, Cathy Thong, who has taken grooming classes, to do Bobby up instead. 

So, for the first time in his 13 years, Bobby went for his first professional grooming this morning (we've always trimmed his fur ourselves in the past, and we don't do such a good job!). 

Well, well, well............

HERE'S......................Bobby with his new look!

All fluffed up, like a little....very neatly-groomed poodle!  And I asked to maintain his furry snout as I did not want it clean shaven.

I requested for a simple cut, without the bobs here and there.  I am thoroughly impressed with Cathy's skills.  She spent 3 hours with Bobby today.

When I came home, Cathy had walked Bobby home already (we live nearby) and I saw this "blob" of furry white "cushion" on the floor, all curled up and sleeping soundly. 

It was Bobby!

Normally, when we trim Bobby's fur ourselves, he would get very upset after that, and would hide under the sofa.  Today, he is very happy with his new look. 

Now, Bobby's ready for his first class this Saturday, with Mike Tan.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our tshirt mascot

Our tshirt sales was pretty good in these two days at the fair.  But stock-checking took me a few hours last night!  But I'm done for today. 

We're glad many people like our simple design.  I was asked how we came up with the design and colours.

Well, here's our inspiration (she is helping me stock-check):

Spot the kitten...

Hmm...which size fits me?

Never first!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Early morning photography

Our FIV+ cat, Tiger, feeling on top of the world.

Muscle-man, Bunny.  Also, FIV+, about to pounce on Cleo.

Cleo ran off, so Bunny looks for another "victim".

Oh wow...who is this pretty gal?

See you at Central Park today!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Imagine...(Tiger's updates)

Two weeks ago when I was told Tiger would limp for life and suffer from all sorts of complications due to his FIV+ status, it was like being given a near-death sentence.  But that's the thing with some vets (and this is not the first time I've experienced this - Bunny is also FIV+ and I had a firing from the vet when I refused to have him put down two years ago).

So I started acupuncture for Tiger under Dr Susanna Brida, gave him the daily spirulina, and the rest is history, for all of you who have been following his news.

Tiger is now walking and running on all fours.  He is so much more confident, and he now comes back a few times a day after his sojourn with his tabby friends at the neighbours.  Having Tiger come back by himself without me going over to call him out and carry him back is already a great achievement, if you know what it was like earlier on.  There were times when I went up and down the road, looking inside drains and houses, calling for him, in the heavy rain, only to have him finally come out on my 3rd hunt or so.

But most importantly, he is not limping anymore now, and the wound behind his ear has healed. 

Imagine this, many vets still advise owners to have their FIV+ cat euthanised upon diagnosis because it is the "socially-responsible" thing to do (so that they dont go around biting others and getting them infected).  And how many owners abide by this because they do not know any better?  Or to be told they "should" isolate their cat for life in a cage because again, it is the "socially-responsible" thing to do.  And also, to be told the cat will develop all kinds of FIV symptoms later on and suffer, so might as well put it out of its misery now....   

We are sometimes a rather misinformed public.

The fact is, I have just found out now, that it is very difficult for FIV to be transmitted through bites.  Most FIV+ cases are congenital, transmitted from mother to child. 

My other cat, Bunny, is also FIV+.  He has only been sick once.  Right now, he is the strongest of my entire colony.  We call him the "muscle-man".  Two years ago, I was given an earful by my vet for choosing NOT to have him put down. 

"I have no right, and I see no reason.  He merely has the antibodies of an illness.  That is no reason to have him put down", I said. 

Let us be more informed, through our own reading and sharing, folks.  We are talking about lives here, they are beings who can think and feel.  They should never ever be at our mercy, especially when we know so, so little. 

Trust Nature to do what's right.  Not humans.

Of course I do know FIV+ positive cats might have more problems than the normal healthy cats, and I am prepared to face them as they come. 

One thing at a time.  What comes, comes, but let it come naturally when it is meant to be. 

Happily scratching on our rattan trunk, which is the cat's scratching "post".

Definitely walking on all fours now.

Sitting on Cow's chair, something he has never dared to do before this (Cow is the alpha in the house).

Tiger comes and nudges on me each time he comes home.  I think he wants to say "thank you".

Tiger-Miger, Tiggery-Too!  You're well now!

It is very tiring (but fulfilling) managing AnimalCare, and keeping up with work and family.  BTW, this is Bunny, our other FIV+ positive cat (the muscle-man).  This is his favourite sleeping place.  This photo was taken by my son last night. 

P.S. Dr Susanna, if you are reading this, please note that we found the twelfth needle yesterday while cleaning the room.  No, it was not in the poop!  It was on the floor.  (Dr Susanna put in twelve needles for Tiger's treatment, but we only managed to collect eleven after that.  But the good dr assured me the needles are harmless even if ingested, which is most unlikely.  Cats aren't that dumb!) 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Feeling on top of the world?

This morning, when I woke up and looked outside my window, I saw Tiger sitting on top of the pillar, something the rest of the cats do (especially the alphas) but never Tiger. 

He was probably literally feeling "on top of the world", and he certainly behaves so.

In the house today, Suki was irritating him (as usual), and we saw him hop from the floor to the piano stool and on to the table.  Yes, on all fours!

And this evening, I went out to look for him in the rain, but could not find him at all.  He is probably feeling much better, so he does not want to come home to be caged.  "I don't need to rest anymore", he is probably saying.

It took me three hunts down the road before he finally appeared from under a car. 

He is back now, in his cage, and sleeping like a log! 

Suki and the feather

At our previous roadshow, Alicia gave us feathers for our cats to play with, so Suki has two of these toys now.  Boy, does she love them to bits!  It can make her jump up in the air, but I have not been able to catch her stunts with the camera.  She is just too fast!

Jump, Suki, jump!

I caught it, it's mine, mine, mine!!

Hah....naughty feather!  I caught you!

And I got your guitar as well!!

Indy watches close by to make sure Suki is safe, from feather, guitar and human.

Yawn...child's play...I'm bored.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My son and his Bunny

Bunny has always been my son, Jia-Wen's "unofficial" pet.  He somehow took to Jia-Wen very naturally. 

The reason Jia-Wen does not appear often in the postings is because he has been in Pulau Langkawi for the last one-and-a-half years, doing his flying training course. 

Today, Jia-Wen is back, and he is a full-fledged pilot!

My son and his Bunny!

Tiger's 2nd acupuncture treatment

Dr Susanna came today, for Tiger's 2nd acupuncture treatment.  The doctor is very happy with Tiger's progress (and so am I!). 

Tiger's appetite has improved tremendously, he can walk and run on all fours now (though he still limps occasionally), and the persistent wound behind his ear has not erupted again so far. 

I am happy for the above!

So, Dr Susanna gave Tiger his 2nd treatment today.  We started by bribing Tiger with some delicious snacks - tuna and a holistic apple-glazed titbit from New Zealand (may I have some, too?).

As the needles went in, Tiger was given the whole can of water-based tuna.  He was so happy he did not protest in the slightest!

Poke, went the needles...all twelve of them.

Good boy, Tiger.  All 12 needles in now.  Our friend is stil happily eating the tuna. 

Suki was extremely well-behaved, and she stole Dr Susanna's heart, so our "girlie" (that's what the good doctor calls her) got some tuna as well.

Tiger, very contented after the treatment.

Immediately after the treatment, Tiger showed Dr Susanna he could run on all fours!  And ran off to the neighbours.  

Dr Susanna said Tiger's tongue still looks purplish, and this indicates there is still "blood stagnation".  But his pulse has improved.  So there would be another treatment next Thursday, and from there, we would evaluate Tiger again, and see if he needs more acupuncture or go on herbs.

Suki is bored, and Bobby is lonely

Bobby has been feeling very lonely ever since Mac passed away.

He had been doing "cranky" things like poo-ing in the living room, following us very closely, forcing open the bathroom door to get into the bathroom with us, etc. 

He must be feeling the loss the Mac, his compatriot of 13 years.

On the other hand, Suki is bored, being confined inside the house.  A double-storeyed linked-house is just NOT big enough for one 4 month-old kitten. 

I need real trees to climb, not iron grilles!

Her indoor adventures often require rescue work.

So since it was Saturday and everyone was home, we decided to let Suki have a run of the garden.  It is not that she doesn't get to go out - she escaped four times on Friday when the technician came to fix the internet and even went inside the car engine.  Yes, she IS a handful.  Good old dependable Indy is ALWAYS on hand to keep an eye on her, and to play with her.

Wheee!!  This is such fun!

Catch me if you can!

Now you see me, now you don't.

The other Calico-queen, Cleo, watches nearby.

The two queens and Bobby.

And Indy, of course.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A FAILED Coup de Tat!! (foiled by Bunny)

The ever-so-naughty one, Suki attempted another coup de tat this morning, on Bunny.

Being a rainy day, Bunny had found a nice and comfortable spot to sleep on - on top of Suki's cage. 

What are YOU doing on top of MY cage?

Poke, poke!!

Hey, small fry...stop disturbing me!

Bunny wins!!

The defeated one sulks...

But wait...later, after a few hours, I found that Bunny had migrated over to Tiger's cage next door.

So, was it a failed coup de tat, after all?  Delayed victory? 

Oh well....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiger's progress

Upon the discovery that Tiger is FIV+, the vet had said his limping would never heal and he would limp for life. 

So, I opted for TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) under Dr Susanna Brida, and Tiger had his first acupuncture treatment on Monday. 

After the treatment, the first thing I noticed was Tiger slept much better and more relaxingly, his confidence improved, and he definitely ate better!

This morning, Tiger could walk AND run on all fours, with only a slight limp.

I'm amazed, and very thankful!

Besides that, I have also been giving Tiger the liquid spirulina (thank you, Sumitra) and Tiger was also given Mary Yap's "Dharma pills" (thanks, Mary).  

The vet also said Tiger's persistent wound at the back of his ear will not heal, and even if it does, it will erupt every now and then.  Well, the wound HAS healed and has not erupted again so far.  Normally, in the past few months, it would erupt within 1-2 days. 

TCVM, Spirulina and Dharma Pills - whichever one, or all of them - I am keeping these as "constants" in Tiger's recovery plan.

Walking on all fours

I want to go out!

Of lightning, yellow butterflies and a golded dragonfly

Remember the yellow butterflies and golden dragonfly that visited my garden a few days after Vixey passed away?

I did not see it anymore after that, but a few weeks after, a different yellow butterfly (a much smaller one) did come.  Twice.  

Managed to take a close-up of it here: 

A small little butterfly.

As I've written yesterday, it was so coincidental that at the time James Kho was scattering Vixey's ashes in the sea, there was a thunderstorm here in Subang Jaya and Vixey's favourite "hot spot", our modem-router was struck by lightning. 

Ever since Vixey's ashes came back, I had put the basket with her ashes right next to the modem-router. 

Last photo, taken just before James collected Vixey's ashes.

Vixey, with her Yoda-powered mind somewhere in the universe, probably said, "I want my router!".

And she got it!

Before you say "Hah!", note this:  Shakespeare said, "There are more things in heaven and earth that is dreamt of in your philosophy."

Three Bows.