Thursday, August 19, 2010

And how is Bunnyphant?

Bunny's urine actually cleared up the very next day after he was given the medication.  His urine was pale yellow (no traces of blood at all) and his urination was normal too.  He is still on medication now, and the vet hopes his "recovery" is not just a suppression of the symptoms because of the medicine (especially the steroids).  The real test comes when he finishes all his medicines.  If there is no relapse, we can all heave a big relief. 

Bunny was on steroids for only 3 days.  It has now been replaced by a papaya enzyme which is very mild.  His other medication is the Baytril (antibiotic) and Gluocosamine. 

My sneezing colony has almost stopped sneezing except for the occasional "tishoo!".  The sneezing by the other 5 cats only lasted for about 3-4 days.  It stopped on its own, helped by the Vetri DMG, of course. 

It's been very hectic with a total of 6 sneezing cats.  Glad that's over now (keeping fingers crossed).  

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bunny has FLUTD

It is really one thing after another for poor Bunny.  Just as when we were about to rejoice that he had not sneezed the whole of yesterday, something else cropped up.  

He came into my room yesterday and squatted to urinate.  I was surprised because he does not normally do this at all (urinating in the room).  But I think he did it to show me that he was straining to urinate and that something was wrong.  And within the hour, he showed me two more times - once in the kitchen sink and another time on the toilet bowl.  

I consulted the vet today, and he said it is something serious and should not be taken lightly at all because if the bladder is blocked, it could be a fatal condition.  

So, I rushed Bunny to the vet's and thankfully, his bladder is not blocked.  A urine test was done and everything is quite normal except for the presence of blood and excess white blood cells.  

Bunny has FLUTD and is now put on four types of medication - the antibiotic Baytril, Glucosamine and steroids for 3 days (to be replaced by a papase enzyme after that).  The vet suspects that the infection may not have healed completely with the first course of Baytril, so we need to carry on for a longer period.  

I have to monitor his condition for the next few days and hope there is some improvement.

The vet says Bunny's FLUTD has nothing to do with the flu at all.  It is something totally separate.    

Poor thing after another.  

The rest of the cats are sneezing a little less now, so I hope that's a good sign that the flu is tailing off.  

Bunny eating after the trip to the vet's.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Poor little Bunny...

He started sneezing last night.  We kept him warm by giving him towels to lie on, but it looked like he had caught the sniffles.

I consulted the vet today, and he said it is to be expected due to Bunny's compromised immune system.  I asked if I should give him any medication.  The vet said since Bunny is already on two antibiotics, he does not want to pump Bunny with more medication.  So he told me to just give him the "salt-water treatment". 

What I needed to do is to drop warm salt water into Bunny's nostrils about 5-6 times a day.  The salt serves as a natural antiseptic and it would make him sneeze to clear his nose. 

Drop salt water into his nostrils???

"Yes, play with him, and do it in between, then continue playing with him," said the vet.

I thought it was going to be a battle....or a near-impossibility. 

So far, we have managed to do it twice, and it hasn't been so bad, really.  

Of course Bunny didn't quite like it, but he did not put up any fierce fight.  And he also did not run off after the treatment.     

Here's Bunny-Pink-Nose right after the salt-water treatment just now.

I hope this treatment would help relieve his sniffles. 

At a glance, doesn't he remind you of a famour reindeer?