Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zippy news

I'll let the photos tell the story....
 Tabs also started putting out her paw to "feel" for the latch (just as Pole did yesterday). This little girl learns fast!
 I do zips. I don't need to undo latches. 
This morning, Cleo zipped out and ran upstairs. I didn't know why. Then, I found out - you know how in the old house, Cleo was my husband's alarm clock? She would wake him up every single day? Well, she just wanted to wake him up again. Is that sweet? Apparently, she only went upstairs to wake him up, that's all.

 You can call us the "Zippy Gang".
 I haven't quite figured it out yet....but give me some time.
 We black-and-whites are not going anywhere.
 I'm just watching....
 Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you"
Birds singing in the sycamore trees
Dream a little dream of me
Say nighty-night and kiss me
Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me
While I'm alone and blue as can be
Dream a little dream of me
Stars fading but I linger on dear
Still craving your kiss
I'm longing to linger till dawn dear
Just saying this
Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you
Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you
But in your dreams whatever they be
Dream a little dream of me

Litter tales at Bunny's Place

So, I've been experimenting with Cat's Pride and Breeder Celect (paper-litter) for a week now, besides still using Ever Clean.

Here's the verdict:

1. Tabs took to Cat's Pride instantly, so I suspect that's the cat litter her former home must have used. But she only pees in it, not poo.  For poo, she still uses the mixed Ever Clean and paper-litter.

2. I have mixed the paper-litter in to every one of my Ever Clean litter boxes now. They all use it. I'm adding more paper litter each day.

I had a discussion with Dr Susanna over the subject of litter the other day and she says she has not had any problems with clumping litter for 18 years now. No illness whatsoever, associated with clumping litter has happened to her cats or tiny infant kittens that she fostered.  She also mentioned that if there was any harm in clumping, the Americans would have sued the companies bigtime.

Then, I had a chat with Andy over this. Andy and Emily have been to the factory in China where they produce clumping litter and they were told by the manufacturers that it is only clay and no chemicals are used. In fact, there are a few locations in China where this clumping clay can be found naturally, and China actually supplies the clay to the other US or Canadian-based companies that produces clumping litter. In fact, these companies have also OEM-ed their factories to China.  So, apparently, there is no chemical. It's just natural clay. Another friend also told me that.

Dr Susanna also said that cats like sand, naturally. That's true.

But paper is environmental friendly, and I do like that too.

Clumping litter has its advantages in that you get to scoop up the clump (all of it) and clear off the poo and pee completely from the box, keeping it as clean as you can.

In this one week, I must say Cat's Pride has great odour control. However, it doesn't clump, so i end up scooping and throwing more than is necessary. I've already finished the pack and it's only for Tabs alone. I did spot Cow and Tiger using it, too.

The mixed paper-litter and Ever Clean is getting along fine, too. I don't know if I would eventually switch entirely to paper-litter - that would depend on my brood.  Mixing is also a good option, for now.

Another great idea is to place Ever Clean at the bottom and paper-litter on top. That way, the cats would only be digging the paper and the urine seeps down to be absorbed by the Ever Clean which clumps it up. Then, we scoop up the clumped litter! That's Cathy's idea. I did that, but the paper and Ever Clean got mixed up in no time!!

 This litter-box contains the most paper-litter and Tiger used it last night.

 Bunny uses it, too.

 I clean the boxes at least 3 times a day on a work-day and maybe 5 times a day on weekends.

"Can See" for Bobby!

Finally, the Can See eyedrops arrived yesterday morning and I was thrilled to bits! (testimonies)

It is an eyedrop to address the problem of cataracts, and it's meant for humans but pet owners have used it successfully in the treatment of cataracts in dogs, too. If only I had known about it earlier before Bobby became so blind....but never mind, it's never too late to try.


 It took more than 2 weeks for the parcel to arrive from the U.S.




 The website says it would take about 90 days before one can "see" results, but some testimonies claim that the results can be as fast as 3 weeks.

No harm trying since some of my friends said it had worked wonderfully for their dogs.

I haven't heard of any personal human testimony, though!



More jailbreak and zippy attempts

Ever since the fool-proof maximum security cat-grille went up, there had been NO jailbreaks so far, but there were many zippy attempts by Cleo (all successful) and Tabs (quite successful).

 Tabs is actually incredibly smart. She has perfected the skill of hiding against the wooden door, pressing her body onto the door so that you almost cannot see her unless you take note of it. Then, the moment you open the grille, ZIP!! she's out!
 Indy is doing it the old-fashioned way - climbing and whining.
 I'll zip out when I want to zip out. After all, I have 100% success so far. And I don't go far. 
 You almost won't believe how smart Pole is. We caught her putting her paw outside the bars to feel for the latch, just in case there is any latch that low. I think she must have been watching how I open the grille (by disengaging the latch). She's feeling for the smart is that!!

 I'll figure something time.
 I might try the high wall and the green net next....
Stay tuned, folks...
Never a day is it Bunny's Place!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Maximum security....finally!! (the new Pole-Indy-proof grille)

I had been waiting for the contractor, Ah Keong, to call me ever since he took the whole cat-grille back to figure out how best to cat-proof Bunny's room., he called!!

He came over with the full-length grille - added up from the old one. And he cleverly made a rectangular hole so that I could open the latch from inside the room. There is no latch on the inside (in case Pole figures out how to open latches, you'll never know, right?).


Actually, never mind about looking nice or not, as long as the cats cannot escape and give me heart-attacks by climbing onto neighbours' roofs or running off to the playground, I'm happy!!

 That's the hole for my hand to reach out for the latch.

 The latch is outside, so that the cats cannot open it.

 That's the latch.

 No way, huh?

 This time it was Cleo holding the street protest all evening, until now.

 Indy tried once to climb up and got as far as the horizontal bar. He couldn't go any further, so he's given up.

 Doesn't concern me...I'm the zippy one. I zip from the corner when they open the grille.

Actually Tabitha Jane Zippy escaped twice today, through the corner when Andy was here. She only ran as far as the porch and luckily, she did not go any further. I managed to get her back.

 Nope, I'm not going to make a fool of myself by even way.


For two days since Ah Keong took away the grille, I had had to keep the wooden door closed. There was an air of melancholy in the room as the cats must have felt a little "separated" from us even though I spend so much time with them inside. I also don't like the door closed as I want air to flow through.

I thought Indy looked depressed too.

Better monitor him closely. I wouldn't want him getting sick again, being the sensitive cat that he is.

Maybe he needs an acupuncture session?

But I'm so relieved that I've finally cat-proofed the room!

Bobby's acupuncture today

Bobby had his fortnightly acupuncture session by Dr Susanna today.

 Not much objection this time.

 I notice Bobby has actually improved a lot (clinically) after all these acupuncture sessions. Also, the daily evening walks in the sun help a lot. It feels like he has more muscle now, and his appetite is much, much improved.

 Prick, prick...

 Happy and relaxed after the session.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pole's first attempt....from Alcatraz?

It didn't take long....

After breakfast today, the 1st attempt was carried out and I caught it all on camera.


 From the box-bungalow where Pole has declared her home, suddenly, she dashed across the room, heading straight towards the door!!

Gaining sufficient momentum, after careful calculation last night, the feline-catapult was launched, and....


Hook on, TEAR with all your might!!

Indy cheers her on.

Go, Pole, go!!  

 Oh oh...yikes!!  I can't. I can't hold on any longer.... Help!!

 Revert to Plan B?

 Just you wait, 'enry 'iggins,
Just you wait...
You'll be sorry, but your tears will be too late! 

Part Two

Minutes later...

My husband came down and I told him the whole episode. He felt sorry for Pole, so he brought her out to the living room. She kicked herself loose, and now, she's escaped to the neighbour's and is not coming back!

 Oh wow!!

 Oh oh...this is...not good.

 You think they can get Pole back? 

 What's happening outside?

Apparently, Pole had gone to the neighbour's for a body-rub on their rough cement porch.

And this time, she ignored all calls from my husband.


Thus ends Episode 1 of our very own version of "Escape from Alcatraz".

Stay tuned for more....

P.S. I'll be calling Ah Keong today....