Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And.....sunny news!!!

Eagerly-awaited updates on the Sunny Kittens!!

From Rozita:
They are no longer on milk but finger sucking continues on. Bear was the last to wean off (expected :D).
Remember that Bear was always the loner. Well, not anymore. Bear plays with Rex, Fox and also the Elders now. 
And true to his name, Bear will always be the only one that goes around charging the Elders. He will bounce around like a bunny, puff up his fur and makes that cheeky nasty glance to the Elders. 
I will try get a video of that one of these days. Even taking pictures of them is quite hard nowadays as they are always running and hiding around the house. 
But, there's one sweetheart that always love to have his picture taken, which is BEAR. He just loves the camera.



They've grown....

 They still have their first playhouse!


The one and only.....Honeybear!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wii's secret is out!!

Wii was one of my rescued cats.  

More than a year ago, my alphas (Cow and Bunny) started chasing poor Wii out into the alley, and Wii's constant mewing there incurred the wrath of my back neighbour who threatened Wii in very frightening ways.  Long story cut short, I asked Roselin if Wii could live with her (for his own safety from my wrathful neighbour) and Roselin took Wii in.  

Ever since living with Roselin, Wii has not been able to get along with any of Roselin's cats.  Roselin tried, till her wits' end, but Wii just wanted to be alone. 

So, Wii got the wet and dry kitchen and has his own place.....until....

Lucky the white dog came back to Roselin's house (after two failed adoptions, poor little Lucky).  Wii instantly made friends with Lucky by nosing each other!

And that's not all, Roselin is also fostering a huge dog named after the legendary John Wayne, and when John Wayne came into the kitchen the other day, Wii was so happy he rolled on his tummy, inviting John Wayne to play!

Roselin was perplexed and amused, so she texted me.

I told her why - Wii probably associates all cats as being the enemy and he probably remembers Bobby as the only kind animal-friend he had while he was with me.  Bobby fostered every kitten I brought back.  

Hence, for Wii, cats are the enemies and dogs are friends!

I'm happy Wii has finally found some friends now, in Roselin's house - the dogs!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

And how is Bunny Bun Buns?

Thank you, everyone, for asking. 

Bunny Bun Buns is fine and naughty again.  And yes!  I managed to give the whole course of 7-day antibiotics.  Yay!!  He spat out the last one yesterday, but I managed to make him swallow it...finally.  With Bunny, that's a cause to celebrate already....!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bunny's fine and so am I (I hope!)

Many thanks to everyone who's been enquiring about Bunny and me.  Bunny is doing fine.  The wound is closing up now, and he's slowly getting back to being himself.  Yes, two more days for the antibiotics and he's already started fighting on Day Three but I managed, somehow.  Just two more days to go...wish me luck!

And while I was battling with a high fever and a "huge-rock-in-the-head" migraine, well, guess what...Bunny's been looking after me!  

Absolutely down and out after work.
(Teachers don't have the luxury of getting sick!)  
Bunny followed me everywhere and sat nearby.

I guess that's how an animal looks after you.  They can't drive and take you to hospital, like we can for them.  So, they just sit nearby and tell you they're there for you.  That really helps.  Cow was nearby too.  Trust the two seniors to "know".  

And of course, Bobby is always near.  He's been near for the past 15 years.  Here's Bunny sharing Bobby's special chair because both wanted to be near to me!

I think my fever's gone now; the migraine is still there but that's manageable, so it's back to business, as usual. Well, even in the past two days, it was business as usual. I was taking calls, answering smses, replying email; just not driving around.  With that rock in my head, I might bang into a lamp-post!    

Many thanks to CP for making me the papaya leaf soup (in case its was dengue fever - my palms were red, but not spotty).  That must have helped a lot.  

Squirrel's back....with his friend!

Remember Squirrel?  

Well, he's definitely back, despite his tree-home being chopped down by the neighbour, and he's even bringing a friend every day.  I think it's the same friend as the one last time.

Both squirrels have been coming every day, several times, too, to eat the cat's leftovers.  And this is despite the massive drilling and hacking in the neighbour's house (which is contributing to my migraine!!).

The other friend is really shy, so I didn't manage to take his photo.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunny updates!!

I've been battling with a fever all day today, but this sure cheered me up!!

Sunny photos!!

From Rozita:

The Sunnies have started to befriend Rascal & Heidi yesterday. They adapt quite fast with the seniors except with Mickey. He's the hardest to bond with newbies. Thats why there's no pictures of him :D. Mickey is a loner and a 'mummies boy' (thats what my hubby calls him).

Awesome news is that Bear is the 1st to use the scratch post ! Yes you read it right. The 1st with the post. Such a clever boy. 

Fox would be the one that loves to climb and venture everywhere. She can just go missing and end up creeping slowly behind us :p. 

Rex is just adorable. He will always want cuddles from me.

Every morning before i step out for work and before i go to sleep, it will be Sunnies comfort time (MUST). After they've had their milk, Rex sucks my fingers and doze off while being carried (he wants to be carried). Bear and Fox will climb on my lap and sleep.

 Hi Rex!!

 Baby Honeybear!

 What's Honeybear up to?

 Looks like Heidi is going to be a good big sister to the Sunnies.

 Hey Bear!

 Use the scratching post, Rex, not the furniture.

Fox claims their green house.

Sure looks like the Sunnies are having such a wonderful time.  I'm so glad and grateful.

Thank you, Rozita, Sarah and Ridzlyn!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"I want my milk!!", says Honeybear

Rozita texted yesterday to ask where she could buy Pets Own Milk.  I asked why. 

Honeybear still wants his milk!

Aww....isn't he such a baby?

They can actually be weaned off milk now, but I guess the baby still wants it for comfort.  

So, Rozita came here to Subang Jaya to buy the milk....for Honeybear.

And Rozita says the Sunnies have explored upstairs already.....they must be having such a good time!!

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days...
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days....
Saturday, what a day....
Rocking all week with you!

That's Sunshine from the Sunny Kittens!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunshine photos!!!

The LONG awaited photos!!!

The Sunnies meet Heidi, the elder sister:

Hello, Kakak Heidi!

Hey, you look like me....

This is our house....

And our other house...

And another house...

Ahh....this is the life!  

We'll be friends for life, won't we?

From Rozita:
Here are photos i snap today.
Looks like sunnies are more adventurous today.
I guess this is gona be their daily routine - Play, Suck Fingers, Sleep, Play, Suck Fingers, Sleep (with short toilet and kibble breaks).
We had a self made cat house and they have called it their own too (together with the green basket and a brown wooden box).
Enjoy the pictures and will keep you updated with more pictures soon.
Take care and God Bless :) 

PS - As you can see in the pics, the sunnies have given quite an impression to Heidi :D  The last photo where Fox and Heidi almost touch their noses is priceless to us!!

Yes, to me, too.  Thanks Rozita!!  I'm so glad you and your girls are having so much fun with the Sunnies.  Looks like Heidi is the Sunnies' new mentor.

And Rozita also sent these truly priceless photos!  She took them specially for us - how very thoughtful for you, Rozita.  Thank you so much.

 Hi Honeybear!!


(I love them all equally, but Rex has a special place in my heart because he had been so "knowing" in the last few days.) I miss them, but am rejoicing that they have Rozita and her girls to love them forever!

Wii has a friend now....Lucky, the dog!

Wii was one of my rescues, along with his sister, Vixey.  Vixey was a pygmy cat (and was predicted to have a short life-span since her organs would degenerate fast).  After Vixey passed away, Wii exiled himself to my back alley and Cow and Bunny also chased him away.  As though that was not bad enough, my back neighbour hated Wii as he tends to make a lot of mewing noises whenever he came home to eat (which he did, several times a day).

Things came to a head when my back neighbour started losing his cool and got vicious.  I had to rehome Wii for his own safety.  

Roselin was kind enough to take in Wii, but from the extremely timid cat that he was in my household, he became a big bully in Roselin's house.  Wii was hostile towards Roselin's cats and it took Roselin much patience to handle Wii.

After many months, Wii was rehomed to a lady who simply adored him and he became the prince in her house, the only cat in the house.  Unfortunately, this lady travelled widely and would leave Wii with friends, who did not quite have any plans to keep Wii safely.  Roselin found out and brought Wii home.  

So, Wii is still with Roselin now, and he gets the wet and dry kitchen in her house, master of all he surveys, away from the other cats.  Roselin has since been trying very hard to socialise Wii with the newcomer-cats, but to no avail.  A mother-cat from KLPAC was interested to be friends, but Wii shied away.  

It seemed like Wii just wants to be an only cat.  Some animals tend to be like that.  For example, Bobby wants to be an only dog, but doesn't mind the cats at all.  

Long story cut short, Lucky the dog (returned twice by two separate adopters) had just been spayed two days ago and Roselin had to confine her in Wii's place.

Guess what?

Wii and Lucky have become friends now.  

Wii the cat and Lucky the dog.....are good friends.

What is short in this little story is a photo....I hope Roselin can provide one!

So, sometimes in life, we cannot get along with our own kind, but we can, with others.  That happens to us humans, too, doesn't it?

A sunny Sunday at Rozita's

First thing in the morning, I texted Rozita to ask how the Sunnies are doing.  

Oh, they are fine, Rozita said.  In fact, she has declared today the official "Pee and Poo Day" because all three Sunnies pee-d and poo-ed at the same time this morning!  

Then, apparently, there was a big fur-raising event in her house as well. 

Who raised their fur, I asked.  The Sunnies or the Elders?  (Rozita has three adult cats.)

All six of them, she said!

And why is that so?

Well, the Sunnies were defending their newly-acquired green basket and the elders thought of taking it back.

No way, the Sunnies had staked a claim on it!

So, it was a case of property claim, and I think the Sunnies got what they wanted.

And, Rozita said they mewed for attention so loudly, you just had to play with them.  If you stopped, they'd mew again.


And over in my house, they were so, so well-behaved.....

So, anyway, Rozita and family played with them till they went kaput!  

Rex, Fox and good now, okay?

I'm eagerly waiting for photos!


My house became a "BunnyCare" centre yesterday after Bunny came home from his "lancing" procedure.  He only wanted to sleep on cushions, so he went from cushion to cushion all night.  

 Bunny on the sofa.

 We had run out of surgical gloves, so we bought a new box just to get a glove to make the hot compression for Bunny's wound,

 Doing the hot compression for Bunny.  
He did not object to it. 

Last night, Bunny slept on my bed.  Cow had given up his place for Bunny.  Good boy, Cow!  So, Bunny shared the bed with Bobby (who has been sleeping on the bed for the last 15 years!).  But Bunny couldn't sleep all night.  He kept whining.  Poor Bunny was probably in pain after the anaesthesia had worn off.  Everyone has a different threshold for pain.  Cow's threshold is extremely high, Bunny's is not so.  

When Cow was about 2-3 years old, he came back one day with a big hole in his hip.  The hole was as big as a 50 sen coin.  The vet had to stitch him up under sedation and put an e-collar on him.  But Cow wormed his way out and bit off all the stitches.  I came back from work and found him with a gaping hole in his hip and walking around nonchalantly in the garden.  I quickly sent him back to the vet for the second stitching.  The vet marvelled at how Cow did not make a single noise.  "How does he stand the pain", he asked.  Then Cow bit off the stitches for the second time and was sent for the third stitching.  All through it, he never made a noise at all.  

That's Cow.  Just like a cow?  

Bunny is Cow's brother, but Bunny is a bunny....

So, poor Bunny was whining all night.  He shuffled and shifted from the blanket to the pillow, and onto my chest, etc.  There was no place on the bed for my husband, so he had to sleep on the floor!   

 This morning's breakfast.  

Bunny ate heartily, and in between his breakfast, I popped the antibiotic pill into his mouth.  Yay!!  

I figured the bandage was stressing him, so I took it off.  Bunny, on his own, had already taken off our second bandage in the bathroom last night!

The moment I took off his bandage, Bunny was so happy, he spent the next hour grooming every inch of his body, especially the parts that had been bandaged.  Cats are such naturally clean animals.

 Cow was nearby, but Bunny was afraid of him.  I now wondered if it was Cow who had fought with him.

 I had to ask Cow to sit at a distance.  I think Cow was just being concerned.  
Still, Bunny was afraid of him.  

 Yes, he groomed EVERY tiny bit of his body.

 Cow watching closely...

 After an hour's grooming...

I wanted to go into the room to do my work, but Bunny kept calling from the living room, so I had to move my computer out, to keep Bunny company.

 I'm here with you, Buns.

Then, my husband and son wanted to go out for lunch, but I said I'd stay with Bunny.  Bunny did not see me, and when he heard the car start, he panicked and started whining.  

 Hey, Bunny Bun Buns, I'm here.  Don't worry.  You won't be left alone.
That's 6.3kgs of super-manja Bunny!

That's the wound, done to drain out the pus. 

Bunny couldn't go out into the garden, so we saw him go into our toilet and squat on the toilet bowl to pee.  Good boy, Bunny!  I know of several cats who do this, without being trained.  But later he went out to the grass.  Guess he is more comfortable on the grass.  

This is the third time he's doing it today.  I missed the first two.  Priceless photo!

Bunny's been getting Fussie Cat all day.  He is eating well.  

He's sleeping now, right behind me.  The whole day today, he's been "talking" in his sleep...making sudden war-cries or whining sounds.