Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The fall of the Berlin Wall?

You know how it is that our titan-cats impose their one-metre radius in that they need to maintain their distance from each other or they will fight?

Well, well, well....looks like I may be wrong after all.

I couldn't believe my eyes...


Pinch me, pinch me! Is this for real??


Yes, it seems to be...and Tabs is on the table too.

But where is Cleo?


Where it's safe, of course.

Cleo always plays it safe.

Let's take another photo for keeps...


 I'm sure it has something to do with these new mats.

The Berlin Wall is down!

A new dawn begins...

A new world order in Cat World!!


Maneki Neko said...

I wish a few million floor mats dropped from planes flying over Egypt and Syria might have the same effect... Humans just aren't as sensible as cats.

Eleda said...

Dr. Chan,

I don't think you need those mats :D

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...I hope so!