Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bunny & Friends and the string toy

It's their No. 1 all-time favourite toy. In fact, it's the only toy they like to play with.

And everyone has his/her own style (and rules) of playing with the string.

mini-CIMG7676 - Copy



That's it. I win. It's mine.

mini-CIMG7680 mini-CIMG7681 mini-CIMG7682 mini-CIMG7683

Bunny Turban Style!

mini-CIMG7684 mini-CIMG7685 mini-CIMG7686 mini-CIMG7687 mini-CIMG7688 mini-CIMG7689 mini-CIMG7690

Too lazy to grab the string?

If Tiger does not go to the string, then the string must go to Tiger!

mini-CIMG7692 mini-CIMG7693 mini-CIMG7694 mini-CIMG7695 mini-CIMG7696

Pole goes all "Dory-fied" playing with the string.

mini-CIMG7631 mini-CIMG7632

Sometimes, she plays with these bits of string on the rattan mat!

mini-CIMG7635 mini-CIMG7641

 Playtime over!

This is a very rare photo - Cow, Pole and Cleo in one photo....VERY rare!

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