Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Willy continues to improve

The dinner dose of medication went well. I wrapped the tablets into two separate balls of wetfood and managed to pop it in. However, Willy spat out the Metronidazole twice. I guess this tablet must be really as bitter as the vet had cautioned it to be.

All afternoon, Willy was quiet (settled, I hope) and he took naps too. It was also partly due to the heavy downpour that he was quiet. I covered his cage with extra towels during the downpour to keep him warm.

The good news is that it's two hours after dinner now and Willy has not passed out any loose stools at all. No defecation either, which I suppose, is good, because it means he is retaining the food. Will continue with the ID until I see firm, regular stools.


 Willy pink nose!

By the way, I should also mention that when the vet examined him yesterday, she said despite the severity of the "burns" at his anus and scrotum, Willy's intestines were not inflamed. His kidneys and liver were also perfectly normal. That's a great relief!

All in all, the vet said Willy is pink and nice, as we can see now, from his pink nose!

My next task is to try and apply the lemongrass gel onto his scrotum and anus. I thought I should not push my luck too quickly. One thing at a time, all in good time.

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Norely Abd Rahman said...

Make sure you wear a glove or some kind of protection to avoid being scratched again Dr. Chan!