Thursday, July 4, 2013

And so, did Mr Zurik come back?

This morning, the moment I got downstairs and after I had finished feeding Bunny and Friends, I heard the sound of whining at the patio.

Was it Mr Zurik??

I quickly went to take a peep...


Well, hello, hello, Mr Zurik!
(That's him by the water bowl!)


Yay! Welcome back to Jojo's Outpatient Service, Mr Zurik sir.


I quickly went to the fridge to take out his medicine. I cut the tablet into 5 pieces and mixed it with some wetfood as I'd done for the past 7 days.


Vincent was at the corner by the pillar and naughty Rosie went over and tapped him on the head. That's how she bullies people.


Poor, poor, Vincent.


We served our guest first.

He ate up all the wetfood (plus the medicine!).


Everyone else ate too, including Vincent.


Mr Zurik seemed very hungry, so he had a second helping since the first helping wasn't much (to ensure he ate it all up, medicine and all).


And a third helping...


And how come I cannot get even a second helping??


Mr Zurik ended up getting FIVE helpings of food.

I know, I know...I'm guilty as charged, but the poor boy seemed so hungry. But I assure you, this is only for the duration of the course of antibiotics. I need to give him an incentive to keep coming back for food.


As the group ate (I had kept all the bowls already so that Timmy could not have seconds), I went out to feed Willy.


Vincent and Zurik were at the gate.


Willy was wary.


A quick check on Zurik's foot. All is well.

mini-CIMG6946 mini-CIMG6947 mini-CIMG6948

Vincent needs pacifying too.


Go on, Zurik. Go out, please.


It's Vincent's turn now...


Vincent had not eaten much at the patio, so he gets another helping here.


Mr Zurik leaves.


The moment Willy saw Zurik, he fled across the road.


Poor Willy.

mini-CIMG6958 mini-CIMG6959

Neutering may or may not reduce a cat's territorial nature. It only stops the mating instinct.

mini-CIMG6961Go, Mr Zurik. Go play with Igor and your comrades.

See you in the evening!



Maneki Neko said...

Did you by any chance see the whole BBC show that you posted? I thought it was really interesting that when fighting over territory, cats typically just posture and growl -- getting into a real fight is a risk they're reluctant to take, because injuries can be deadly. When fighting over a queen in heat, though, they're more likely to go for blood, so neutering at least lowers the likelihood of them getting into injurious fights. Glad to see Mr. Z back out and about!

chankahyein said...

Whoops, I did not watch till the end. Thanks!! I will watch it all and get Indy to watch with me too!

Yen Ling said...

Lovely to know Mr. Zurik came back! He looks more polite in these photos above.

kettenkard said...

Now I feel bad for portraying Mr. Zurik as an evil mastermind with his evil minions terrorizing poor Willy.From now on I shall think of him as a misunderstood wildman-cat who were raised by shrews,trying to find his place among those who looks like him (like a feline version of Mowgli).

chankahyein said...

You weren't exactly wrong...but voila (!!), after being neutered, Mr Zurik has become...Brother Zurik, friend to one and all, peace-loving feline brother to all cats.