Friday, July 26, 2013

Otto the tight-rope walker and Indy the Spider-Cat, and...

Otto the Shrew is a regular visitor to Bunny's Place, especially in the evenings. In fact, he is so agile, he even manages to get to the pantry and nibble on all the remaining kibbles without being caught by the 3 titans, Tiger, Tabs, Cleo or Pole.

You've got to give credit to the Shrew Squad training, and of course, the KGB trainers.

This evening, Otto came as usual, but he decided to....well, entertain us a bit....


...with this tight-rope skills!


Indy and Cow were completely transfixed.


It soon caught the attention of Tiger and Tabs.


Tiger was content to just watch the show, but Tabs...she wanted a closer view.

You want the box seat, Tabs?

mini-CIMG8104 mini-CIMG8106

I thought Tabs was going to pounce, so as I was just about to intervene, would you know it? Otto read my mind (or Otto felt the same vibes and as quick as lightning, he disappeared through the Stargate! I saw him in those few quick split second movements, but my camera wasn't fast enough. He was soon on the ledge and right before my ears, he disappeared into thin air!)

I'm not exaggerating, folks.

We think dogs and cats are smart? Don't forget shrews too, especially the KGB-trained type.


Where has he gone??


Tabs knows where Otto has gone to. I think Cow and Indy don't know...


Not interested.



My shows are way much better....I get a packed audience. Every time.


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