Thursday, July 25, 2013

My new water gun

We've bought at least 3 water guns and all are broken now. Either the cats pushed them down and the plastic cracked or they just started leaking.

Then, I had a brainwave, why not just use a normal ironing spray? The type where you can adjust the nozzle to let out a thin sharp shot of water?


So I got this today, from Daiso. It's only RM5. There were so many types, but this one has the best grip.

I've filled it with my home-made garbage enzyme (made with only lemons).

And adjusted the nozzle for the sharpest shot.


 I must say, it works marvelously. It shoots powerfully. Japanese stuff, you know.

Indy has been killing the wooden door. He has already killed the polycarbonate sheet TWICE, until there was no point putting it up anymore. Now, the door is exposed and he is slowly but surely killing it.

I hope my new water gun can save the door's life....!


Chen said...

While shopping for a replacement door - have you considered buying a shower screen/door as replacement that's easy to clean?

chankahyein said...

I need something that is totally flat (vertically), without notches and niches or any protruding patterns where the urine can get trapped. Glass would be good, but it's too heavy. Removing the door entirely is possible but the wardrobe doors would be the target and that's worse because it is laminated board.

Chen said...

What about something like this? And instead of glass you opt for either polystyrene sheet or fiberglass?

chankahyein said...

Ha ha...looks like the ones I have in my bathrooms! Will have to find one that is really just one piece with no fixtures at all. Thanks!