Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Free Willy!


It was dinner time at 6.30pm. A bit later as I was out.

Everyone was here, including Heidi.


Vincent and Mr G too.

And that's only because Mr Zurik is not here. Otherwise, the patio isn't big enough for a Russian and a Stormtrooper!


Willy is eating too.

Time to let him go, I know.


I opened the door and applied the Happy Bum Soothing Gel onto his scrotum. He let me do it.

mini-CIMG7935 mini-CIMG7937

Good ol' Timmy didn't even finish his food. He has already gone into the house.


Willy didn't seem to be in a hurry to get out.


Yes, the door is open, Willy.

You are free to go.


He stretches first.

mini-CIMG7942 mini-CIMG7943

Poor thing, I could see how stiff he was. After 9 days of being confined in the cage, who wouldn't be?


He is still walking in an awkward gait. Still stretching his limbs.

mini-CIMG7945 mini-CIMG7946

I had to keep Vincent at bay.


Vincent listens.

mini-CIMG7948 mini-CIMG7949 mini-CIMG7950

Yes, Willy, run free now.


Oh, you want to stay under the table?

That's fine too.

In fact, I'm hoping Willy will be confident enough to find a spot in the garden and stay here as a patio cat. After all, he is orange, right?

mini-CIMG7952 mini-CIMG7953 mini-CIMG7954

Smelling the "roses", Willy?


What is life if full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?


Willy spent sometime rubbing himself on the plants.

Ahh...back to nature again!

mini-CIMG7958 mini-CIMG7959

Ready, steady...




Vincent and I watched from a distance.

We thought Willy would jump out of our compound already.

mini-CIMG7962 mini-CIMG7963 mini-CIMG7964

But he decided to stay.



After half an hour, I checked from inside the house, he was still there.


 After one hour...

I hope Willy will be brave enough to come into our porch (or better still, our patio) for food from now on.

Run free, Willy. You are free now! But stay safe, please, and don't be afraid of Mr Zurik anymore.

I'm going to miss taking care of Willy, actually. But I am so glad we addressed his diarrhoea problem and got him neutered.

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