Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Willy aka Scruffy aka Spider-Kitty

Willy is not as docile and scaredy as I thought him to be...

I checked his food and found that he had cleverly picked out the piece of quartered Metronidazole (which I'm told is bitter) and placed it on the tray below.

So, like it or not, I had to garner all my courage and try the "scruff" method of force-feeding. The trick, I was told, is to grab the scruff firmly so that the cat cannot move his head. Then plonk the tablet into his throat and rub the chin to make him swallow it. The sign to look out for is the tongue. Once the tongue comes out, it means he has swallowed the tablet. This is dry pilling, which is not recommended. The other way is to wrap the food in wetfood and the same technique can be used too. With my Pole and Cleo and other titans, I fail at Step One: Grabbing the scruff of the neck firm enough. But this time, I was determined to try harder with Willy. After all, he is only 3.15kg (I use "only" in comparison to Bunny's 6.85kg), he's a small cat. If a 50kg person cannot manage a 3.15kg cat, well....I ought to be quite ashamed of myself, right?

Firmly is the keyword in this operation.

Okay, firmly it is then.


Grab the scruff of the neck FIRMLY.

Plonk tablet at base of throat.

Rub chin vigorously to ensure tablet is swallowed.



However....the tongue did not come out and the moment I let go, Willy spat it out.

Tsk! Failed.


Try again.

Repeat procedure.

Pray harder.

And....hooray! The tongue came out. That dratted quarter tablet is swallowed and on its way to heal Willy's diarrhoea.

Yay, yay!


Good boy, Willy!


A reward (food) for being a good scruffy little kitty.


But...Willy is very restless.


All morning, he became a Spider-Kitty wannabee and climbed the small cage.

mini-CIMG7527 mini-CIMG7528

He thinks the roof is the way out.

He still has diarrhoea and I notice he defecates pasty stools after each meal. No more treats then. I have to control his diet by spacing out his meals.


He's been doing nothing but making a racket all morning and look...he has even overturned his water bowl. Now, it's screwed on, how on earth did he overturn it? Aha..Willy is a strong cat. Never judge a cat by its size.

You know, I don't mean to compare, but you've got to give it to Mr Zurik. For seven whole days, he stayed in the cage, hardly making a sound. He behaved, cooperated, ate his medicine (which he probably knew was for his own good). But the truth is, he's still a tyrant (I mean, look at him now, he's antagonising Vincent at the patio every single day). Yet, while he was in custody, he was a totally different cat.

I guess that's the difference between a KGB-trained feline-operative and a normal community cat, eh?

And why did I let him out on the 7th day when he was supposed to be caged in for 10 days? I don't know...did he psych me into doing it? Did he use hypnosis?

Mr Zurik (or is he actually Colonel Zurik?) and his Special Shrew-Squad of the Feline-KGB, much feared by the whole cat community here. We humans just don't know.

And was Heidi actually a spy?

Is Willy also an operative?

Heh...wouldn't we like to know?

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