Sunday, July 21, 2013

Understanding Willy

I'm beginning to understand Willy's calls now that I had been home all day today, sitting near his cage. When he calls, it's because he has urinated or defecated and wants his newspapers and trays to be cleaned. Hmm...clever cat. So it would seem that Willy likes to be clean, and it does make me wonder how he could have lived with the smeared anus and scrotum (with faecal matter) for so many days previously. It must have disturbed him a lot.


He is still a little fearful so this makes me wonder if he had ever been a pet at all?

This afternoon, two friends came to visit and both are cat-lovers, but the moment they approached the patio, Willy went into a frenzy and almost wanted to scale the cage to escape. Pets do not normally behave that way. Or do they? Actually, yes, I suppose, Cleo does behave this way. She doesn't trust humans even after having been with us for 6 years.

Vincent, on the other hand, is a superb host and puts his life in any human's hands. He flipped over and let my two friends pat him. He does that with practically anyone and everyone who visits.


Very good appetite.


His fellow "orange" brothers keep him company.

mini-CIMG7759 mini-CIMG7761 mini-CIMG7762 mini-CIMG7763

Willy didn't want to play with the toy mouse, so I gave it to Ginger.


Ginger had already "killed" the earlier toy mouse.


The Patio Family is not territorial at all. This comes with many benefits and some disadvantages too.

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