Friday, July 19, 2013

Checking Heidi's teeth and gums

One of our readers, Maneki, suggested that I try to check Heidi's teeth and gums just in case the reason that Heidi does not eat kibbles is due to gingivitis or loss of teeth.

Heidi came at dinner time today. There was some disturbance Mr Zurik. Nowadays, Mr Zurik comes to "cari pasal" several times a day. I'm worried his growling and whining will disturb the neighbours.

So we intervened and let Heidi come into the house through the patio door.


Heidi ate in the kitchen.


Tabs said hi, but Heidi had a shock of her life and responded by growling at Tabs.


She is friendly enough to be caught.


Let me see your teeth, Heidi.

checking teeth 1 checking teeth 2

 From my untrained eye, Heidi is extremely young (I think). I hardly saw any incisors and her teeth are very tiny.

Then, I checked Tabs' teeth and it looked roughly the same size. I'm guessing Heidi is still very young and I did not see anything wrong with her gums or teeth...

My husband followed Heidi after she was done visiting. Heidi went to the playground and sat. She just sauntered around the playground and sat at various places. My husband did not wait and he soon came back as it was getting dark.

Now, where does Heidi come from?

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